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High Quality Film Transfer Bronzing Machine

High Quality Film Transfer Bronzing Machine

Application: Designed for the bronzing of plastic-skin,PU,PVC, cotton-hemp, silk, knitting, furrow-fabric, etc. or color changing of leather, PU, etc. 1) to add color pattern onto fabric and press the fabric with color film (Pattern transfer roller should be installed.) 2) to add color pattern...

Product Details



1. Pneumatic heating press unit (conducting oil heating roller and silicone roller): larger contact surface, good transferring effect, solid lamination, easy and convenient operation and energy saving.

2. Module heating drying oven or carrier roller: even heating, fast speed, energy saving, good surface effect, and wrinkle-free.

3. Left and right moveable blade frame: effectively protect blade and engraved roller and guarantees good stamping/bronzing effect.

4. Frequency control: convenient and synchronous operation, energy conservation.

5. Winding: equipped with winding device in the front and at the back of the machine, highly applicable, easy to operate and compact winding.

6. Other features are available on request! 



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