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Die Cutting Machine for Bags,cutting Press

Bags Cutting Machine Range of Application Hydraulic Cutting Machine is mainly suitable for die cutting single or multiple layers of nonmetal rolled materials, such as leather, fabric, foam, non-woven by die cutter.

Product Details

Die Cutting Machine for Bags

Range of Application 

This hydraulic travel head cutting machine is mainly suitable for die cutting single or multiple layers of nonmetal rolled materials by die cutter. It is widly used in many industries, such as:

  • Automotive interior

  • Sheet material industry supplies

  • Floor mats

  • Abrasives, abrasive paper

  • Leather and leathergoods – shoe uppers, wallets, purses, belts

  • Lampshades – fabric or plastic, with or without cut outs

  • Clothing – components for hats, ties, collars, shoulder pads

  • Cork gaskets and mats

  • Filters for machinery, breathing apparatus and the medical industry

  • Foam and sponge – gaskets, packaging, consumer products

  • Footwear components – shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps

  • Plastics – PVC binders, lampshades, stationery products, gifts, novelties, gaskets

  • Rubber – gaskets, seals, washers

  • Textiles – sample swatches and pattern books, underwear and outerwear components, hats, ties

  • Toys – soft toys, advertising novelties, mini jig-saw puzzles, etc.

 Features of Hydraulic Travel Head Cutting Machine


1. Gantry frame structure made of profile steel is adopted, with high intensity and without deformation. 

2. The cutting head can automatically move horizontally, with excellent operating visual field and safe operation.

3. Differential oil way is adopted to allow rapid and convenient cutting.

4. The special design of the hydraulic system,  the machine is lubricated automatically during operation. This design can reduce abrasion and ensure machine service life.

5. The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and  enhance work efficiency.

6. Quiet, vibration free operation.

7. Products of special specifications can be customizable.

Option of Cutting Machine

  • Rotary head

  • Machine Color

  • Servo Motor
  • Imported oil pump
  • Roll Holding Gantries
  • Bed Size

Technical Information(Customizable)--Cutting Machine

 KT-C250KT-C250BKT-C250CKT-C500KT-C500 BKT-C500C
Cutting Force25 tons25 tons50 tons50 tons



50 tons


50 tons

Working Table(mm)1600*5001800*5002000*5001600*5001800*500 2000*500
Stroke(mm)150mm150mm150mm150mm150mm  150mm
Travel Head Size(mm)



500*500500*500500*500500*500  500*500
Motor Power 2.2kw2.2kw2.2kw4.0kw4.0kw  4.0kw
Approx. Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)2200*720*20002400*720*20002600*720*20002200*720*20002400*720*2000 2600*720*2000
G.W1800 kg2100 kg3000 kg3000 kg3800 kg 5000 kg

Machine Details

automatic travel head cutting machine(001).jpg

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