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How to choose die clicker press

Many customers that donot know which kinds of clicker press for their production.

Now Kuntai machinery recommend to read the following step to choose the die clicker press:

First ,must to know the material you want to die punch

1.The material type ,size .

2.The punch out part size.

3.Feed material type

4.Die set size.

5.Production capacity.

If you know the above infomation in your heart,Then you need to know some punch press knowledge.

1.Die punch press type ,including manual and CNC punch .

Manual type punch press for the small production .

CNC clicker press for the big production capacity.

2.The punch press force :If you do not know the press force required for your material. You could ask the salesman to caculate the presusre.

3.Punch press feed material :inlcuding manual feed ,Automatic sheet feed and autoamtic roll material feed.

The last ,send the first step information ,Kuntai will quote the best price

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