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High Quality Flame Laminating Machine for Sponge

High Quality Flame Laminating Machine for Sponge

1. Usage: Laminate SPONGE with fabrics,leather,synthetic leather, woven or non woven, PVC and other materils; 2. Application: Automotive industry (interiors and seats) Furniture industry (chairs, sofas) Footwear industry Garment industry Hats, gloves,bags, toys and etc Features: Use flame...

Product Details


1.Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquefied Gas.

2.The water cooling system well enhances the lamination effect.

3.The air exhaust diaphragm will exhaust the odor.

4. Fabric spreading device is installed to make the laminated material smooth and neat.

5. The strength of the bonding depends on the material and the foam or EVA selected and the processing conditions.

6.With high integrity and long term adhesive durability, the laminated materials touch well and is dry washable.

7. Edge tracker, tensionless fabric unwinding device, stamping device and other auxiliary equipment can be optionally installed.

Main technical parameters

Heat source  industrial use of electricity

Width of roll minimum 1800mm, normal 2000mm, 2300mm, 2500mm...etc, usually make custom request


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