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China Fabric/film Laminating Machine for Textile

China Fabric/film Laminating Machine for Textile

Hot melt glue laminating machine for fabric/film

Product Details

China Fabric/film Laminating Machine for Textile


     Fabric +nonwoven(for Medical products, sofa fabric, etc)

     PU Foam + Fabric (for underwear, car seat, etc)

     TPU Film + Fabric. (for mattress, diaper, table cloth, camouflage uniform, etc)

    Fabric + Fabric. (for garments, clothing, etc)


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Main Features

 fabric/film laminating machines is applied for gluing and laminating of hot melt glue onto fabric, film, textiles, and nonwoven, etc. In industrial use, hot melt adhesives provide several advantages over solvent-based adhesives.

Main Machine Parameters:

Model: KT-PUR-2000
Maximum Material Width:1800mm
Machine Roller Width:2000mm
Glue typehot melt glue
Gluing Amount: 5-80g/m2
Net Weight:9500kg
Dimension:11900 x 2950 x 3550

Machine Details:

film laminating machine.jpg

hot melt glue laminating machine1.jpg

Sample Pictures:




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