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Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine

Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine

Kuntai Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine Since 1985 , we have been designing and manufacturing various lamination machines for every sector of textile industry. Our lamination machines have been well accepted by the wide domestic market as well as the competitive international market. Strong...

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Kuntai Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine

Since 1985, we have been designing and manufacturing various lamination machines for every 

sector of textile industry. Our lamination machines have been well accepted by the wide domestic 

market as well as the competitive international market. Strong engineering power and satisfactory 

aftersale service consolidate our leading place in the industry.

Sleep is vital for a healthy life, and one of the most important components of quality sleep is your mattress and bed combination. Kuntai Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine makes your dream sweet, healthy and lasting.


Kuntai Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine Laminating:

1. Cotton fabric

2. Polyester fabric

3. Knitted fabric

4. Memory foam

5. TPU film/membrane

6. PTFE film/membrane

Laminating Machine Photos:


Kuntai Mattress Fabric Laminating Machine Features:

  • Uniquely designed feeding system for four way stretchable fabric

  • High precision temp control protects mattress fabric unique feature and softness

  • Special humidifier is installed, enchancing strong bonding.

  • Well-balanced tension control makes laminated mattress fabric bubble-free

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