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Football Ball Panel Bonding Laminating Machine,lamination Machine

1)The main machine features are as follows: a.It adopts high temperature resistant pressing mesh to make the laminated material more firm and flat, increasing the bonding effect.

Product Details

Water Based Glue Fabric/Foam Laminating Machine 

Water based glue laminating machine


This water based glue laminating Machine is used for: 

1. Gluing material and laminating with other materials, suitable for laminating EVA, cloth, sponge, non woven fabric, plastic, leather, synthetic leather, etc.

2. Widely used in cloth, shoemaking, luggage, interior decoration, car interiors, toy and other industries.



 ♦  It uses water-based glue.

 ♦  Improve the quality of the products greatly, save cost.

 ♦  Vertical structure, low breakdown rate and long service time.

 ♦  Equipped with high quality heat resistance net belt to make the laminated materials contact closely with the drying cylinder, to improve the drying effect, and make the laminated product soft, washable, and strengthen adhesive fastness.

 ♦ This leather laminating machine has two sets of heating system, user can select one set heating mode or two sets, to reduce the energy consumption and lower costs.

 ♦  Surface of heating roller is coated with Teflon in order to efficacious prevent the hot melt adhesive against sticking on the surface of roller and carbonization.

 ♦  For clamp roller, both hand wheel adjustment and the pneumatic control are available.

 ♦ Equipped with automatic infrared centering control unit, which can effectively prevent the net belt deviation, and ensure the net belt service life

 ♦  Customized manufacturing is available. 

 ♦  Low maintenance cost and simple to maintain




1. Accumulators for foam, textile, backlining, etc


2. Edge cutting device


3. Inspection machine


4. Swaying device to sway the final laminated materials into piles


5. Cutting machine


6. Conduction oil heating drying roller instead of normal heating drying roller ( When the temperature required by the materials is over 160 celcius degree.)

The main machine features are as follows:
a.It adopts high temperature resistant pressing mesh to make the laminated material more firm and flat, increasing the bonding effect.
b.Special antirust Teflon paper protects the laminated material when the temperature of the heating drying roller is very high.
c.All the heating pipes in the drying roller are made of stainless steel and the temperature of the heating drying roller can be as high as 160 celcius degree, and even 200 celcius degree.
d.There is a glue scraping blade to scrape the glue evenly onto fabric and the unique glue channel design facilitates the cleaning of the glue after lamination. Solvent based glue gluing device can also be installed on the machine.
e.The material feeding roller is moved by air cylinder, realizing more rapid, convenient and precise process.
f.Counting device and rewinding device are installed on the machine.
g. Different machine structures are available on request.

General technical specs (customizable)
Machine Roller Width: 1800mm
Maximum Material Width: 1600mm
Machine Speed: 20-40m/min
Estimated Machine Dimension: 6500mm x 2300mm x 2400mm (LxWxH)
Estimated Machine Weight: 4000kg
Package Size: one 20 GP container

Machine photos:


fabric bonding machine.JPG

Package and shipping:

Inner Package: Protective Film, etc

Outside Package: Standard Export Container

  • Machines well packed with protective film and loaded in export container;

  • English version operation manual and technical data;

  • One-Year-Period wear parts;

  • Tool kit

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