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Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine Accurate And Stable

Mounter placement efficiency with the import placement machine and domestic placement machine, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine in general, the current placement of the placement of the placement machine to compare the efficiency of domestic placement machine placement more efficient. Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine Mounter placement efficiency and with the components to be mounted on the placement of the placement machine is not only fast to be accurate and stable, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine if the paste LED components and SMT other components than the placement of LED components are not Requires too high precision placement efficiency than SMT other components much higher.

Mounter suction nozzle on the one hand is the lack of vacuum pressure, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine the placement of the nozzle before the automatic transfer of the head of the machine on the mechanical valve, from blowing to vacuum adsorption, resulting in a certain negative pressure, when the absorption of parts, Negative pressure sensor detection value within a certain range, the machine is normal, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine otherwise the poor suction. On the other hand is the air source circuit pressure relief, such as rubber pipe aging, rupture, seal aging, wear and nozzle wear after a long time, etc., on the other hand, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine because the adhesive or the external environment of dust, Paper tape with the packaging components in the cut off after a large number of waste generated, resulting in patch machine nozzle block.

Mounter on the program set the error will also reduce the placement machine placement efficiency, the solution is the placement machine manufacturers to increase customer training efforts, so that customers can get started faster.

The quality of the electronic components itself, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine the nozzle picks up the electronic components of the placement, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine the placement machine pin is not completely posted into or directly bent down or cut off. This situation can only be installed in the quality of the components installed on the control, this will not only affect the placement efficiency and product quality, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine nozzle often pick up the placement of such components, but also cause varying degrees of damage , Over time will make the nozzle life is reduced.

Once the placement of the placement machine efficiency after a period of time significantly lower recommendations on the placement machine to conduct a comprehensive inspection, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine in general, this phenomenon is a component of the reasons for failure, here to remind you that the placement machine nozzle must Regularly regular maintenance.

The so-called placement rate refers to the actual number of devices in a certain period of time and the number of suction ratio, that is: the placement rate = 100% suction number of which the total number of pieces is the number of sucking errors, identify the number of errors, Loss of number, etc., and identify the error and sub-device size specifications and device optically poor identification of two. Milling machine Whether small machine,Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine medium machine, mainframe, and both medium speed machine, high speed machine, they are mainly by the device storage device, XY table, placement head and control system. The placement head is the core and key components of the placement machine, the mounting head generally has the fixed head and the rotating head of the points, fixed general long arrangement, as few as two, as many as 8, at the same time or separate pickup, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine But also in the horizontal plane rotation and rotation in the vertical plane.

 The entire process of the placement of the equipment from the point of view, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine in the correct set of suction pickup height, pick the mouth of the nozzle and the relative position of the feeder, the impact of equipment placement rate is the main factor in the pickup position , Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine According to the equipment of the production of information and information, the impact of the entire impact of more than 80% of the factors. The reasons are: on the one hand is the device storage device on the feeder, on the other hand is the nozzle, the two feeder in the film about 60%, about 40% is due to nozzle pollution caused.

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