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Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine Be More Efficient

SMT machine mounting efficiency with the import Mounter and domestic Mounter, in general, the current placement of SMT machine to compare the efficiency of domestic SMT machine to install higher. The mounting efficiency of the mounter is related to the components to be affixed, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine SMT machine mounting is not only to be fast but also accurate and stable, if the paste led components and SMT other components than, Mount LED components do not require too high precision mount efficiency than SMT other components higher than a lot. But why does the mounter use a period of time after the placement efficiency is low? This involves the following three factors:

1, the Patch machine suction nozzle on one hand is the vacuum negative pressure insufficiency, Shenzhen SMT machine suction nozzle before the automatic conversion of the device on the head of the mechanical valve, from the blow to the real adsorption of its absorption, the production of a certain negative pressure, when the absorption of the product, the negative pressure sensor detection value within a certain range, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine the machine normal, and vice versa. On the other hand is the gas source circuit pressure relief, such as rubber trachea aging, rupture, seal aging, wear and suction nozzle long after the use of wear, etc., Shenzhen Mounter on the other hand is due to adhesives or external environment of the dust, especially the paper tape packaging components in the cut after the production of a large number of scrap, resulting in a patch machine suction nozzle plugging.

2, Mounter program on the setting of the error will allow the SMT machine to reduce the efficiency, the solution is to patch machine manufacturers to increase the training of customers, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine so that customers can get started faster.

3, the quality of electronic components, suction nozzle pickup electronic components affixed to the Shenzhen Mounter pins are not fully affixed or directly bent or broken off. This situation can only be purchased in the quality of SMT components control, this will not only affect the work efficiency and product quality, suction nozzle often pick up stickers such components, will also cause different degrees of damage, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine over time will also allow the use of suction nozzle life.

Once the placement efficiency of the patch machine after the use of a period of time significantly lower recommendations for a comprehensive inspection of the patch machine, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine in general this phenomenon is a part of the cause of the failure, here to remind you that the chip machine suction nozzle must be regular and maintenance.

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