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Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine Precision And Placement Speed

SMT equipment in the purchase of the main consideration of its placement accuracy and placement speed, in the actual use of the process, in order to effectively improve product quality, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine how to improve and maintain SMT equipment placement rate is Placed in front of the user's first subject.

The meaning of the placement rate The so-called placement rate refers to the device in a certain period of time the number of the actual number of stickers and the number of suction, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine that is: the placement rate = 100% suction number of which the total number of pieces is the number of suction errors, , The number of pieces, the number of lost, etc., Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine and identify the error and sub-device size specifications and device optically poor identification of two. Milling machine Whether small machine, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine medium machine, mainframe, and both medium speed machine, high speed machine, they are mainly by the device storage device, XY table, placement head and control system. The placement head is the core and key components of the placement machine, the mounting head generally has the fixed head and the rotating head of the points, fixed general long arrangement, as few as two, as many as 8, at the same time or separate pickup, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine But also in the horizontal plane rotation and rotation in the vertical plane.

The entire process of the placement of the equipment from the point of view, in the correct set of suction pickup height, pick the mouth of the nozzle and the relative position of the feeder, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine the impact of equipment placement rate is the main factor in the pickup position , According to the equipment of the production of information and information, the impact of the entire impact of more than 80% of the factors. The reasons are: on the one hand is the device storage device on the feeder, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine on the other hand is the nozzle, the two feeder in the film about 60%, about 40% is due to nozzle pollution caused.

Feeder drive mode is a motor-driven, mechanical drive and cylinder drive, etc., where the mechanical drive as an example to illustrate the impact of the feeder on the placement rate:

1, the drive part of the wear and tear mechanical drive to rely on the cam spindle drive feed mechanism, quickly knocking out the feeder to find the arm, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine through the connecting rod to connect the ratchet to drive the tapes forward with a distance, while driving plastic Tape reel will be tape on the plastic cap away, the nozzle down to complete the pickup action. However, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine due to the feeding mechanism to access the feeder at high speed, after a long period of use, the pawl wear of the feeder is serious, causing the pawl to not drive the tape with the normal stripping of the tape, so that the nozzle can not complete the pickup work. Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine Therefore, the installation of the tape should be carefully checked before the feeder, the pawl wheel has been worn by the feeder should be immediately repaired, can not be repaired should be replaced.

2, the deformation of the feeder structure due to long-term use or improper operation of the operator, the pressure plate cover, thimble, spring and other movement mechanism deformation, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine corrosion, etc., resulting in device aspiration, stand or suck the device, So should be regularly checked and found that the problem in a timely manner, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine so as to avoid a large number of waste devices, while the installation of a total material should be properly installed, firmly installed in the feeding platform, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine in particular, Adhesive Sticker Laminating Machine no feeder height detection equipment, Resulting in damage to the feeder or equipment.

3, poor lubrication of the feeder generally the maintenance and maintenance of the feeder, it is easy to be ignored, but regular cleaning, cleaning, oil lubrication is essential to work.

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