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Application Of Die Cutting Machine

1, damping aluminum foil tape cutting products, electrical tape cutting products, foam tape seal adhesive products
KL- large die cutting machine
KL- large die cutting machine
2, mirror block structure adhesive tape of the die cutting
3, special parts of absorbing material cutting products
4, car LCD monitor, VCD, DVD with die-cutting products for car parts transfer tape die-cutting products, all interior adhesive tape cutting products
5, the protection of the buffer material die cutting products, roof structure sealing tape and other materials of die cutting
Product installation: using a double-sided adhesive tape, foam tape, transfer tape, anti plasticizing agent dual stabilization of the tape, can reduce the mist of tape, after segmentation, cutting can be used in automotive parts. Such as: instrument plate, lamp shell, decoration, installation fast, simple, more real and accurate.
Noise reduction and shock absorption: in metal parts and plastic parts, plastic parts and plastic parts, metal parts and pieces of metal, paste in foam, blankets, scratch resistant textiles made of die-cutting products, in order to noise reduction effect.
Interior and buffer: all chloroprene rubber, foam and silicone material, through the precision die-cutting, in the decoration, doors and ceilings, and other parts.
Other applications: installation of the logo, anti high temperature spray masking paper, the sealing of the airbag, the loudspeaker cover, temporary protective bile.

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