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Bronzing Machine Decision Factors

Hot stamping process is a special printing process without ink, bronzing refers to under certain temperature and pressure of the electrochemical aluminum foil stamping to process on the surface of the substrates, hot stamping machine is hot stamping process equipment.

Hot stamping principle

The process mainly USES the principle of heat transfer. Under the pressure under the action of electrochemical aluminum contact with hot plate, substrates, due to temperature of electric heating plate hot plate has a certain quantity of heat, electrochemical aluminum heat melt hot melt dyeing resin layer and adhesive, colored resin layer viscous force is reduced, and after special thermal melt adhesive viscosity increases, aluminum layer and electrochemical aluminum membrane stripping of transfer printing on the substrates at the same time, as the pressure discharge is divided, adhesive rapid cooling solidification, firmly adhere to the aluminum layer on substrates to complete a hot stamping process.

From the composition and mechanism of hot stamping of electrochemical aluminum, in order to get the ideal effect of hot stamping, hot stamping the electrochemical aluminum foil used must meet the following requirements: the bottom color even, without clear off color, color and color spot; The glue coating is uniform, smooth and white, without obvious stripe, sand point and oxidation phenomenon. The gloss is good; Strong strength; High definition; Type right

Decision factors

The perfect bronzing effect depends on the combination of temperature, pressure and stamping speed. Therefore, to control the quality of the bronzing, it is necessary to master the reasonable hot stamping temperature, the stamping pressure and the stamping speed. This creates a good condition for the bronzing, which can finally guarantee the quality of the stamping.


Temperature has a very important influence on stamping, the temperature must be controlled in the corresponding range, so that the dyeing resin layer and adhesive can be properly melted to ensure good transfer of the aluminum layer.

If the temperature is too high, melting, hot stamping by the electrochemical aluminum melt off around and produce paste version, will cause the high temperature at the same time electrochemical dyeing resin and aluminium layer chemical changes occur, hot stamping products less brightness and loss of metallic luster, and even make imprinting fog porphyritic or blister; But if the temperature is too low and the melting is not sufficient, it will also cause ironing or ironing, the impression is not strong, easy to fall off, or lack of pen, ink and hair.


The machine should be installed in dry, ventilated, light, convenient operation.


The ironing transfer of the aluminum layer must be done through pressure. The size of the stamping pressure affects the adhesion of the aluminum. Even if the temperature is suitable, if the pressure is insufficient, it can not transfer the aluminum to the substrate properly, it will produce the problems such as the printing and printing, the flower edition, etc.; On the contrary, if the pressure is too high, the compression of the pad and substrate will be too large, and the marks will be thick and even sticky and paste. Usually hot stamping pressure should be appropriately adjusted to achieve no discolor, adhesion to a good rule.

Adjust the stamping pressure to combine the printing, stamping temperature, speed and the aluminum itself. Generally speaking, the paper is strong and smooth, the printing ink layer is thick, and the hot stamping temperature is high, the speed is slow, the press pressure should be a little bit, conversely, should be larger. Press the pressure to be uniform, if you find that the local irons are not printed and hemp, it is likely that the pressure is small here, should be on the plate of the place on a sheet of thin paper, to balance the pressure.

Hot stamping pad has a great impact on stress. Hard liners can be used to make the impression of hard and smooth paper, such as coated paper and glass paper. The soft liner, however, has a rough ink, which can be applied to the large amount of hot stamping, especially the uneven surface, the paper flatness, the smoothness and the rough paper.

The installation of hot stamping foil must not be too tight or too loose. The songwriting is not clear, the paste edition.


The stamping speed actually reflects the contact time between the substrate and the stamping foil, which directly affects the stamping fastness. Too fast stamping speed can result in ironing or printing of flowers; The overprinting speed can affect the quality of stamping and the production efficiency.

The speed, pressure and temperature of the stamping process are checked and the process parameters are always determined according to the order of stamping speed, pressure and temperature. First determine the stamping speed. In general, make constant processing, it is not easy to change, and then find out the corresponding hot stamping pressure and temperature of the hot stamping, it can simplify the operating procedure, also easy to control the quality of hot stamping.

In addition, the stamping process should also consider the base material, hot stamping plate, stamping machine, jig and pad are suitable. Finally, the environmental conditions, including indoor temperature and humidity, substrate temperature, indoor air cleanliness (dust content), etc.

In a word, the stamping process is a complicated process technology, which can only be satisfied when the stamping process is in the process of stamping.

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