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Bronzing Machine Determine Elements

Bronzing process is a special printing process without ink, the so-called bronzing is a certain temperature and pressure will be printed on the aluminum foil foil to the surface of the process of printing, bronzing machine is to complete the bronzing process equipment.

Gold foil is a certain temperature and pressure will be printed on the aluminum foil foil to the surface of the process of printing. Dian Hualv hot stamping graphic showing a strong metallic luster, colorful eye-catching, never fade. Especially gold and silver Dian Hualv, with its magnificent, elegant and elegant decoration dotted the surface of printed materials, and enhance the art of printing products, played a prominent theme of the publicity effect; its brightness greatly exceeded the Indian gold and India and silver, so that products With a high-end feeling and gives the United States to enjoy. At the same time as the aluminum has excellent physical and chemical properties, played a role in protecting the print, so the bronzing process is widely used in high-end, exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, calendars and books cover and other printed matter; The range is very wide, from the general book cover, trademark logo, advertising, plastic products to Riyongbaihuo, from paper to leather, cotton, etc .; then, bronzing is a dry processing methods, the workpiece can be immediately after the packaging, The Therefore, the bronzing technology is widely used, the application of hot stamping is still expanding.

Principle of bronzing

The process is mainly the use of hot-dip transfer principle. In the joint pressure of aluminum and hot stamping plate, substrate contact, due to the heating plate heating plate to have a certain amount of heat, the aluminum alloy heat to make the hot melt resin layer and adhesive melting, dyeing resin layer sticky And the adhesion of the special heat-sensitive adhesive increases after the melting of the special heat-sensitive adhesive, and the aluminum layer is transferred to the substrate at the same time as the aluminum-based film is peeled off. As the pressure is removed, the adhesive is rapidly cooled and solidified, and the aluminum layer is firmly adhered to the substrate On the completion of a hot stamping process.

From the composition of aluminum and hot stamping mechanism, in order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, hot stamping used in the foil must meet the following requirements: the bottom of the coating uniform, no obvious color, color and stains; primer coating Uniform, smooth, white without impurities, no obvious stripes, sand and oxidation phenomenon; good gloss; strong firmness; high definition; model correct

Determine elements

The perfect gold foil effect depends mainly on the temperature, pressure and bronzing speed of the three with each other level. Therefore, to control the quality of bronzing, should master a reasonable bronzing temperature, bronzing pressure and bronzing speed. So as to create a good condition for the bronzing in order to eventually ensure the quality of bronzing.


Temperature on the hot stamping has a very important impact, the temperature must be controlled in the appropriate range, so that the resin layer and the appropriate melting of the adhesive in order to ensure a good transfer of aluminum.

If the temperature is too high, melting too hot, hot stamping around the melting of aluminum and produce paste version, while high temperature will make the electrochemical aluminum staining resin and aluminum layer of chemical changes, hot stamping products to reduce the brightness and loss of metallic luster, Even if the imprinted fog-like or blistering; but if the temperature is too low, melting is not sufficient, it will cause hot stamping or stamping is not strong, imprint is not strong, easy to fall off, or lack of stroke, imprinted flowers.

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