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Bronzing Machine Effect

Bronzing machine, which involves the difficult problems, Bronzing Machine although the front has been in the Q & A, but because of its large amount, so, has not completed this work, so the following, may wish to hot iron, continue to go on, Can also be to consolidate everyone's learning effect, and the bronzing machine familiarity, has been deepened.

Bronzing machine, the hot stamping work, its specific objects, Bronzing Machine there are many, such as plane, arc, round surface, convex surface, and some irregular surface and so on. So, on this question, the answer is yes. Moreover, its hot stamping content, there are many, Bronzing Machine such as fonts, colors, patterns and patterns, so its wide range of applications.

Pneumatic bronzing machine This kind of bronzing machine, Bronzing Machine its choice in the cylinder model, mainly to see the bronzing area, from this to decide. In the hot stamping process, it is:

Hot stamping preparation - plate - pad version - hot stamping process parameters to determine - test hot - sign - formal hot stamping

Hot stamping machine hot stamping effect, which is achieved through the bronzing film, Bronzing Machine and this is also must have, can not be omitted, otherwise, can not get bronzing effect. And the printer, its mechanism, and bronzing machine is not the same, so it can not replace bronzing machine, to use.

Special bronzing machine, if it is the use of gold foil paper, Bronzing Machine then it can not only hot gold foil, you can also print. So, on the question one, the answer is no. If the special paper appears bronzing false phenomenon of this phenomenon, then, for the main reason, Bronzing Machine with the paper, temperature and pressure on these three aspects. And other, it does not matter much

Special bronzing machine and ordinary bronzing machine, Bronzing Machine the two bronzing machine between the comparison, then, there are some differences. So, Bronzing Machine on this question, the answer is yes. However, in the bronzing process, it is the same, are the aluminum foil hot stamping to the substrate surface, thus, to complete the bronzing.

Operators in the operation of the use of special bronzing machine, is the need to do some protective measures, so as not to work to harm the health of health and safety. Its specific measures, it is, the operator should wear a uniform, with a good glove and eye goggles. Moreover, Bronzing Machine if the operator is a woman, should also be long hair plate up, so as not to be involved in the equipment, accidents or danger.

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