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Bronzing Machine Efficiency Maximization

(1) China's cigarette package design is complex, Bronzing Machine and some packets need to be hot stamping several times to complete,  Therefore, the import of paper round pressure round bronzing machine manufacturers to adapt to the Chinese market, Bronzing Machine we must develop a multi-station bronzing machine.

(2) imported web round pressure round bronzing machine are single unwinding institutions, Bronzing Machine need to shut down for the volume, should be developed non-stop roll-making institutions to achieve maximum efficiency.

(3) now on the market sales of imported web round pressure round bronzing machine for the volume of the volume on the way, to achieve industrial automation, must be combined postpress equipment manufacturers function overlay. Due to the speed of the imported webs, the speed of the stamping machine has reached a speed of 100 m / min, although the speed difference with the press is very different (at present, the speed of the bass gravure press is about 300 m / min) The speed of post-processing equipment is basically matched, Bronzing Machine so cigarette pack printing enterprises to combine the characteristics of cigarette printing, printing equipment manufacturers combined with the function of superposition, one after the completion of the post-processing process to reduce the number of materials and logistics between the process Order, reduce the operator, improve production efficiency. Bronzing Machine For example, you can in the web round pressure round bronzing machine behind the soft packet sub-machine, seized goods machine, you can also connect hard package round pressure die-cutting machine (to achieve embossing, indentation, die cutting), seized goods Machine, Bronzing Machine automatic collection of palletizing machine, strapping machine, etc., in order to achieve the processing of a cigarette package after molding, play a round roll round hot pressing machine speed advantage.

(4) to do a good job after-sales service and supply of accessories, in particular, to do the training of operators to avoid the constraints of human factors and imports of web round pressure round bronzing machine speed performance and yield advantages.

(5) as a consumable of the aluminum foil and hot plate must be made. Holographic foil is made by the tobacco enterprises designated foil manufacturers will be trademarks or patterns produced in the Dianhua aluminum foil, cigarette packets printing business has no choice. However, Bronzing Machine ordinary aluminum foil and hot stamping plate if the choice of imported products, on the one hand is a long supply, on the other hand is the higher prices, making the enterprise cost increases, profit reduction. Therefore, Bronzing Machine cigarette printing enterprises based on their own product characteristics, as soon as possible and domestic enterprises supporting multiple research, so that alternative imports possible, in order to achieve a win-win situation.

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