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Bronzing Machine Fully Automatic

In many of the bronzing machine, automatic bronzing machine is undoubtedly more welcomed by manufacturers. In order to meet the needs of different users, launched a TYT-200S automatic monochrome bronzing machine, so that more users can enjoy the high-tech results. It is reported that this bronzing machine is for the bottle cap, cosmetic bottle cylinder design of the automatic bronzing equipment, only one fixture, the operation is relatively simple, can be used for the overall cap or two through the cap of the bronzing.

According to the reporter observed, compared with the traditional bronzing machine, TYT-200S automatic monochrome bronzing machine has many advantages, the most significant features reflected in: First, this bronzing machine equipment, easy to use. In the structure, the hopper, elevator conveyor belt, material tray, feeding track, vacuum manipulator readily available, can achieve automatic feeding, greatly reducing the manual process for the enterprise to save costs. Second, this hot stamping machine with the mechanical linkage, the material for the unique curved structure on the arc, hot stamping head height and hot stamping pressure adjustable, can automatically cut, safe production, easy debugging, efficiency higher. Third, this bronzing machine stepping motor from Italy, can automatically roll film, the maximum can use 500 meters gold foil paper, the speed, position control becomes very simple, and the motor efficiency, current is small, low heat , Cost control. Fourth, the entire production line control system by the advanced modular programmable controller (PLC) and easy to use touch screen (TOUCHSCREEN) formed, in line with European safety standards, users can rest assured that use. In this high-performance, this TYT-200S automatic single-color bronzing machine per minute to complete 30 to 50 pieces of the workpiece gold foil, the maximum hot stamping area of 180x100 mm.

So efficient automatic bronzing machine, of course, by the user's unanimous welcome. According to the use of the bronzing machine user feedback, this bronzing machine from the accessories to the performance are first class, enough to meet the needs of many users. Especially for the production of wine or cosmetics business, the TYT-200S automatic monochrome bronzing machine is their good helper.

Reporters also learned that, in the TYT-200S automatic monochrome bronzing machine, through the Asian printing also introduced the TYT-200B automatic round bottle bronzing machine, TYT-200C automatic bottle cap bronzing machine, TYT-600MZ CNC imitation Shaped hot stamping machines and other quality products for many users to bring a convenient and fast.

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