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Bronzing Machine Machinery And Equipment

Hot stamping machine full interpretation of a modern hot stamping technology, it can not use ink, is a kind of special printing process, it can be to a certain pressure and temperature the tipping paper printed onto the surface of the substrates, then complete the hot stamping process.

The printed stationery with a hot stamping machine has a splendid visual effect, dazzling and magnificent. It is widely used in paper, electronics, toys, clothing, gifts, plastics and other industries. After hot stamping machining of products has a pattern of clear, beautiful and easy, not easy to wear and tear, fully make the product on a class, keep up with the pace of The Times, leading fashion, become an international trend. Under the conditions of heat pressure, on the surface of materials on the hot stamping designs or words, to the ideal effect of hot stamping should pay attention to choose the electrochemical aluminum foil material, and good control of time, temperature and pressure. It is important to note that the bronzing machine should be placed in a place where the ventilation is dry, the light is good and the light is easy to operate.

Hot stamping machine is a kind of the printing machinery and equipment, with gold lettering on common market that books or anything else is essentially with hot stamping machine to complete, it produced goods everywhere.

In the process of use, the stamping machine must pay attention to three important factors, namely temperature, pressure and speed, which can only be produced by the best cooperation.

Started from the temperature, the temperature of the hot stamping machine must be controlled within the scope of the corresponding, cannot be too high nor too low, too high to melting or burning was printed items, too low will cause printing is coarse, that fall off.

The second point is pressure. The transfer of the aluminum layer must be applied to the corresponding items. Even if the temperature is enough, the pressure is not enough. So you have to cooperate with each other.

The third point is the speed of the stamping machine, which must control the printing speed between the two objects, which causes the printing trace to be too slow, which causes the printing to be irregular.

Therefore, these three factors restrict each other and cooperate with each other to produce very good products

Because of its magnificence, exquisite and elegant decoration on the surface of printed matter, it has enhanced the art of printing and has been widely used. The following points should be noted when using a hot stamping machine:

1. Select the right hot stamping foil according to different irons, and combine the temperature, stamping pressure and stamping speed, and make adjustments according to the different ironing materials and stamping area.

2. Grasp the speed and direction of the tool

3. Select the paper, ink (especially the black ink), kerosene, and composite glue, which should be suitable for the use of the properties, so that the stamping parts must be kept dry, so as to avoid the oxidation or damage of the stamping.

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