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Bronzing Machine The Corresponding Range

Bronzing is the electroplating of aluminum foil through the bronzing machine temperature and pressure adjustment, it will be stamping in the surface of a process, the process produced by the printing of metallic luster strong, bright colors and never fade. People in order to make life colorful, more bronzing products are manufactured.

Although the bronzing products are loved by everyone, Bronzing Machine but there are many products on the edge of the flaws, there are a lot of broken off, which makes the original good works of art has been a serious persecution, bronzing machine and the aluminum foil has a direct impact on the hot The quality of India time, so a lot of works of art people pity.

Bronzing machine is a kind of printing machinery and equipment, Bronzing Machine the market is common with the kind of gold font books or anything else are basically with bronzing machine to complete, it can be said that it produced items everywhere.

In the use of the process, the bronzing machine must pay attention to three important factors, that is, temperature, pressure, speed, only three with each other to play the most perfect manufacturing.

From the beginning of the temperature, Bronzing Machine the temperature of the stamping machine must be controlled in the corresponding range, not too high can not be too low, too easy to melt or burned printed items, too low will cause the printing rough, so that fall.

The second point is the pressure, Bronzing Machine the transfer of aluminum must be required to use a certain pressure to print on the corresponding items. Even if the temperature is enough but not enough pressure will not be printed. So must cooperate with each other.

The third point is the speed of the stamping machine, must control the printing speed between the two objects, too fast to cause the printing traces of flowers, too slow will cause printing is not standardized.

(1) its operating temperature should be appropriate, Bronzing Machine generally not higher than 130 degrees, so that there is a good bronzing effect.

(2) its hot plate, should be installed in the middle or slightly down, so that there can be a good bronzing temperature.

(3) In the last version, the temperature can not be too high, and its pressure should be moderate.

(4) hot paste paste version of the words, Bronzing Machine then pay attention to Dian Hualv to tighten a little, and to avoid waste. At the same time, but also pay attention to how fine the hot plate.

(5) bronzing transfer machine, then do not stick on the iron plate tape, so as to avoid problems. If you have to, then the number of layers can not exceed 2 layers.

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