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Bronzing Machine Viscosity Increase

Bronzing machine is the completion of stamping process equipment, Bronzing Machine bronzing process is a special printing process without ink, the so-called bronzing refers to a certain temperature and pressure will be anodized aluminum foil to the substrate surface of the process.

Bronzing machine is mainly using the principle of hot-pressing transfer, under the effect of the combined pressure anodized and hot stamping plate, substrate contact, Bronzing Machine because the heating plate hot stamping plate with a certain amount of heat, anodized heat so that the hot melt dyeing resin layer and adhesive melting, dyeing resin layer viscosity decreased, and special thermal adhesives after melting viscosity increased, Aluminum and anodized film stripping at the same time transfer to the substrate, with the pressure removed, Bronzing Machine adhesives quickly cooled solidification, aluminum layer firmly attached to the substrate to complete a hot stamping process.

Hot stamping can be printed workpiece is a variety of different styles, such as the plane, arc surface, round surface, irregular surface, concave, convex and so on, the pattern is not the same, such as hot stamping fonts, patterns, heat transfer patterns, color film and so on. Bronzing Machine The corresponding production environment is also due to different companies and great differences, production requirements also due to customer artifacts and design of different great differences. such as precision, production quantity, Bronzing Machine operation, technical and other aspects of the different requirements. This determines the choice of bronzing machine is based on different customers and substrate selection, there is a certain principle and direction, Bronzing Machine because the final purpose of the Hot stamping machine selection is to facilitate the production and to meet the effect of hot stamping.

The function feature of tipping machine is the most important three points when selecting equipment:

1, hot stamping machine pressure adjustment range;

2, bronzing machine use of the way or the principle of use;

3, bronzing machine application scope;

Choose the hot stamping machine is most important to pay attention to three points:

1, bronzing machine function and characteristics;

2, substrate specific hot stamping requirements machine characteristics;

3, the customer's specific production requirements;

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