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Cutting Machine Adjust Control

Metal laser cutting machine in use, Cutting Machine the cutting head will be based on the set cutting track to walk, but different materials, different thickness, different cutting methods, the laser cutting head height is the need to adjust control, cut mouth and cut the workpiece surface distance One of the main factors determining the cut quality and cutting speed. Metal laser cutting machine in addition to cutting according to select the appropriate cutting nozzle models and pressure parameters, the cutting head and the height between the steel plate according to the thickness of the cutting material to increase or decrease, Cutting Machine different thickness of the steel plate, the use of different parameters. While cutting the mouth should be adjusted accordingly height.

In the process of using a plasma plasma cutting machine, Cutting Machine we know that the main effect of the arc voltage changes is the flatness of the plate, because the steel plate in the process of cutting the more so the smaller the range of fluctuations in the arc value, Cutting Machine and the more uneven plate The fluctuation range of the pressure value will be bigger. And then if the nozzle and the electrode of the degree of loss and pressure changes will be on the CNC cutting machine arc impact value.

Press the manual lift button, the torch should not rise action, then press the drop button, the torch should be down; in the torch on the direction of the torch, The lower part of the torch press the manual drop button, the torch should not move down, then press the up button, the torch should rise to confirm the upper limit, Cutting Machine lower limit action for reliable. If the torch can not rise (or fall), Cutting Machine it may be that the torch is in the upper limit (lower) position, or the upper limit switch (lower limit switch) is damaged. Please replace the damaged limit switch in time, otherwise it will cause the motor to be damaged due to the switch does not move.

Press the initial position button on the height adjuster. At this time, the plasma torch should move downward at the speed set by the initial positioning descending pulse width. Cutting Machine After the nozzle contacts the steel plate, it will stop and set the speed of the rising speed , Cutting Machine To reach the appropriate starting height to stop. Arc height is generally 1.5 to 2 times the cutting height, according to R's instructions, for the power, cutting height of 1.5mm, the arc height should be about 3mm. Users can adjust the positioning time to change the arc height according to the cutting experience to achieve the best cutting quality under the premise of reducing the damage of the consumables.

Press the initial positioning button on the height adjuster so that the torch reaches the starting height. Click the arc pressure test button on the booster, take the arc to the success, observe the arc pressure monitoring window measured in the arc value. Cutting Machine The detected arc voltage should be close to the arc voltage setting. If the difference between the two is too large, please adjust the arc voltage settings to make it close, Cutting Machine otherwise, will lead to cutting the cutting height is too high or so that the torch in the steel drag on the two ways, will lead to cutting quality , And cause serious damage to the torch consumables.

The use of any equipment is closely related to the professional quality of the operator, Cutting Machine so the operator should actively understand and learn the relevant expertise of the equipment, thus accumulating some experience.

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