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Cutting Machine Cause Analysis

Cutting Machine The present situation and reason analysis of cutting

Swiss hundred Ultra Laser Cutting machine is our company to complete and Alstom cooperation projects and procurement of advanced equipment. Due to the company's use of cutting gas and raw materials, such as the objective factors limit, the use of cutting machine raw cutting parameters of the cutting surface is not smooth, surface burr and other phenomena, seriously affect the product quality, restricting production progress, Cutting Machine the company's various project contracts to deliver serious impact.

The present situation and reason analysis of cutting

(1) Cutting machine raw cutting parameters can not meet the requirements of product cutting, cutting out of the cutting, rough section and the surface of the serious oxidation.

(2) The programming typesetting is unreasonable, the cutting appears the long material to rise, affects the cutting precision.

(3) The pressure of the cutting gas is unstable and the gas is impure, which affects the cutting quality.

(4) Gas purity instability, cutting parameters of the interaction between, it is difficult to grasp the accuracy of parameter adjustment during cutting.

(1) Carbon steel preferred O2 cutting, first adjust the power, and stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate preferred N2 cutting, first adjust the cutting speed.

(2) When cutting ordinary carbon steel plate, if the laser power and gas pressure is low, the nozzle diameter is small, the parts are cut, Cutting Machine the bottom side has a lot of residue, then increase the laser power and gas pressure, using large nozzle, reduce cutting speed.

(3) When cutting galvanized sheet, if the bottom surface of the plate appears residue, the incision section is brown, then reduces the cutting speed first, then reduces the power; the hard blue burr on the bottom side of the plate increases the focus position; Cutting Machine surface cutting fine, Cutting Machine but the melting material is not completely blown off, plate bottom appears hard burr, then increase gas pressure.

(1) In order to make the sheets accurately dropped to the work table, reduce the manual movement on the surface damage, should be reasonable production blanking positioning tooling, so that the drop material once in place, to ensure the quality of the parts.

(2) The parameter database is set up on the basis of the parameter optimization test, and the database should be refined to different materials and thickness. Cutting Machine each production of a class of accessories, according to the parameters optimization experience, optimize the best parameters, if the first piece of cutting qualified, then the material corresponding to the cutting speed of the relevant parameters are included in the database, for the same material prepared, so that both convenient work, but also reduce production costs.

(3) The preparation of laser cutting procedures should be refined in the type of accessories, reasonable nesting, will be easily deformed parts placed in a special position, with difficult to deformation and not easy to drop parts of each other sets of materials, according to the actual situation to add micro-junction points, and finally optimize the cutting sequence, so as not only save the sheet material, but also prevent the laser cutting mouth is damaged. As shown in Figure 7, if the sheet is tilted, the micro connection point should be set.

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