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Cutting Machine Check Or Replace

The rack bearing oil pool at both ends of the bed should keep the seal and oil level. The V-shaped guide and the Walking Knife rack in the oil pool of the bed should keep the oil surface height, and the oil should be changed in time. Lifting Circular Guide Lubrication system manual pump, Cutting Machine should be added $number mechanical oil and at least once per class polish. Regular observation of the bed before and after the mobile reducer and walking knife reducer and spindle oil window oil level, at least every year to change oil.

To flip the table turnover axis, turnover cylinder support, Cutting Machine piston rod support shaft, worktable slewing gear variable speed mechanism each lubrication point, each class must add lubricating oil or grease once. At the end of work downtime, the workbench must be raised to allow the turnover mechanism to be active once to avoid rust and to dry the water in the workbench to prevent the decay of the planks.

The control table flips, the revolving button box, in the cutting plate inevitably splashes the water, will cause the button contact spot to rust, must carry on the inspection frequently, eliminates the rust point. The equipment in the PLC control system used 18 micro relays, the contact capacity is small, Cutting Machine the action is frequent, causes the relay frequently to occur the contact undesirable phenomenon, therefore to it to check or replace. Replace the relay as long as the open gently polished touch point, generally can be restored. The plug of each solenoid valve, also will appear the loose contact bad fault, also must give the reappearance.

Water cutting machine is superior to other processing technology, such as flame cutting, plasma processing, laser processing, EDM, car milling and planing processing. At the same time, water cutting will not produce harmful gases or liquids, will not produce heat on the surface of the workpiece, Cutting Machine it is truly multi-functional, efficient, cold cutting processing. For example, in metal cutting, a variety of processing methods coexist, including cutting tools, laser, flame cutting (plasma cutting), EDM, wire cutting, water cutting and other processing methods. All kinds of cutting methods have advantages, and there are some limitations, each occupied a part of the market. But in many cutting means, only the water cut belongs to the cold state cutting, direct use of the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet to cut the metal to achieve cutting purposes, no chemical changes in the cutting process, Cutting Machine has no effect on the physical and chemical properties of cutting materials, no heat deformation, narrow slit, high precision, smooth surface, clean and no pollution, etc. Machinable traditional processing and other processing methods can not be processed or difficult to process materials, such as glass, ceramics, composite materials, Cutting Machine reflective materials, chemical fiber, thermal sensitive materials.

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