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Cutting Machine Clean

A. Before installing the optical lens to pay attention: wear clean, with soap or detergent to clean hands and wear white clean gloves; is strictly prohibited any part of the hand contact lens; take the lens, Cutting Machine should wear gloves, and from The side of the lens to take, do not directly touch the lens coating surface.

B. When assembling the lens, do not inflate the lens with the mouth; the lens should be placed on the clean desktop, the next pad a few lens paper. Cutting Machine Take the lens should be careful to prevent bruises and falls, and in the lens coating surface, are not allowed to exert any force; installation of the lens mirror mirror should be clean, with a clean air spray gun to clean the dust and dirt , Then, remove the lens, Cutting Machine gently into the mirror seat. C. When attaching the lens to the mirror holder, do not use the force of the lens to prevent the lens from deforming, thus affecting the quality of the beam.

D. Precautions when replacing the lens: Do not take care of the lens when removing the lens from the box; do not apply any pressure to the lens until the wrapping paper is open; remove the mirror and focus from the box When you remove the lens, remove the dust from the mirror, and then use the gun to remove the dust on the mirror, Cutting Machine and then remove the lens from the lens, remove the lens, The lens on the optical lens special paper; remove the lens holder and the shelves of dust and dirt, should not be assembled when the other foreign body fell on the lens; installation of the lens in the mirror seat, do not excessive force, so as not to lens deformation; After the assembly is complete, Cutting Machine clean the dust and foreign matter on the lens with a clean air gun.

Different lenses, the cleaning method is different. Cutting Machine When the mirror is flat and no mirror seat, use the lens paper cleaning, such as cleaning the mirror; when the mirror is a curved surface or mirror with a mirror, you should use a cotton swab clean, such as cleaning the focusing lens.

A. Use the lens paper to clean the lens steps: blow out the dust on the surface of the lens with a blower; clean the lens surface with alcohol or lens paper, Cutting Machine do not drag the lens with a dry lens directly on the mirror, but should put the lens paper The surface of the lens, drop 2 to 3 drops of high purity alcohol or high purity acetone, the direction of the operator will be slowly out of the lens paper, Cutting Machine repeated the operation of the operation several times until the mirror so far; if the mirror is very dirty, You can fold the lens paper 2 to 3 times, repeat the above steps until the mirror clean so far.

B. Use the cotton swab to clean the lens steps: first with a spray gun to blow off the dust on the mirror; then clean the cotton swab with dirt; with a new high-purity alcohol or acetone cotton swab from the center of the lens along the circular motion, scrub the lens, After each week, for another clean cotton swab, Cutting Machine repeat the above operation until the lens is clean, do not use the already used cotton swab to operate; clean the lens with a clean cloth, remove the residual marks on the mirror, Scratch the mirror; Cutting Machine will clean the lens to get a good place to observe the light, if the lens reflection is good, that the lens has been clean, if the lens reflection is not good, you have to continue to clean the lens; will have a clean lens , Cutting Machine According to the method described above, the lens placed in the mirror seat.

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