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Cutting Machine Cost

With modern machinery processing industry development, for the continuous improvement of quality and accuracy of cutting, to improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost, high intelligent and automatic cutting function requirement also is increasing. The development of CNC cutting machine must meet the requirements of modern mechanical processing. The cutter is divided into flame cutter, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting, etc. Laser cutting machine is the most efficient, cutting precision and the cutting thickness is generally small. The cutting speed of plasma cutting machine is also very fast, and the cutting surface has certain slope. Flame cutting machine is aimed at heavy carbon steel material. Laser cutting machine is the most efficient, cutting precision and the cutting thickness is generally small.

Application range

Cutting machine used with metal and nonmetal industries, in general, the comparison of non-metallic industry points meticulous, like cut stone, stone cutting machine, water cutting machine, saw cutter, cut cloth and plastic, chemical fiber products with laser cutting machine, blade cutting machine, cutting metal materials has flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, CNC cutting machine inside, and manual two kinds big, the category of the manual, small sports car, semi-automatic, pure manual, with CNC, gantry CNC cutting machine, cantilever type CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, interfingering lines nc cutter, and so on!


The most expensive laser cutting machine, and also is a kind of high-tech precision and the most efficient cutting equipment, water knife cutting machine, flame cutting machine again costs are relatively low, plasma cutting machine use the lowest cost (per piece)

In the process of machining, the cutting of plate cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine and nc cutting machine are used. The manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, the size error is large, the material wastes big, the subsequent processing workload is big, and the labor condition is poor, the production efficiency is low. In semi-automatic cutting machine, the quality of the cutting piece is better, because it is not suitable for single, small batch and large parts cutting. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machines reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but the function is simple and suitable for some parts cutting with more regular shape. Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting mode, CNC cutting can effectively improve the efficiency and cutting quality of plate cutting and reduce the labor intensity of operator. Some small and medium-sized enterprises in our country even use manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting in some large enterprises.

The use of mechanical industrial steel in China has reached more than 300 million tons, and the cutting amount of steel is very large. Along with the development of modern machinery industry, the work efficiency and product quality of plate cutting are also improved. Therefore, the market potential of CNC cutting machine is still very big and the market prospect is more optimistic.

Development of special CNC cutting machine. The CNC tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting cylindrical orthogonal, oblique, eccentricity and other line holes, square holes, elliptical holes, and can be used to cut the lines at the end of the pipe. This type of equipment is widely used in metal structure production, power equipment, boiler industry, oil, chemical and other industrial sectors. The CNC groove cutting machine is one of the high-end products in the line. The rotary groove cutting function of this type of equipment can meet the requirements of different angles of different plates in welding process. With the development of shipbuilding industry in China, the shipyard introduced and used CNC plasma cutting machine in China. With the development of technology, domestic and foreign shipyards are equipped with CNC plasma cutting machine with rotary groove cutting function to meet the requirements of high technology and high value added ships.

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