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Cutting Machine Cutting Speed

With modern machinery processing industry development, for the continuous improvement of quality and accuracy of cutting, to improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost, high intelligent and automatic cutting function requirement also is increasing. The development of CNC cutting machine must meet the requirements of modern mechanical processing. The cutter is divided into flame cutter, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting, etc. Laser cutting machine is the most efficient, cutting precision and the cutting thickness is generally small. The cutting speed of plasma cutting machine is also very fast, and the cutting surface has certain slope. Flame cutting machine is aimed at heavy carbon steel material. Laser cutting machine is the most efficient, cutting precision and the cutting thickness is generally small.

Range of application

Cutting machine used with metal and nonmetal industries, in general, the comparison of non-metallic industry points meticulous, like cut stone, stone cutting machine, water cutting machine, saw cutter, cut cloth and plastic, chemical fiber products with laser cutting machine, blade cutting machine, cutting metal materials has flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, CNC cutting machine inside, and manual two kinds big, the category of the manual, small sports car, semi-automatic, pure manual, with CNC, gantry CNC cutting machine, cantilever type CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, interfingering lines nc cutter, and so on!


The most expensive laser cutting machine, and also is a kind of high-tech precision and the most efficient cutting equipment, water knife cutting machine, flame cutting machine again costs are relatively low, plasma cutting machine use the lowest cost (per piece)

In the upper hollow glass production line or to improve the production variety, we will choose the glass automatic special cutter, but in the purchase of the following points:

I. cutting precision

It is generally required to be under 0.5mm for construction industry class; However, the requirement for automotive reflector is below 0. Olmm. Machinery manufacturers to provide precision is generally in the plus or minus 0. 2 mm, but it can't see the introduction of product manuals, light should have a complete when the acceptance test cutting precision of the program, to measure the actual cutting precision of products, we usually have a dozen test sample surface. By testing, we can fully grasp the flatness of the cutting platform and the synchronization control of the control system.

2. Cutting speed

On the premise of meet the cutting precision, can we talk about speed because of the short cutting platform, with his eyes highest speed, it is difficult to determine whether we can use cutting machine servo drive with the software simulation of function to check whether the speed of the motor to achieve the highest. Don't cut the cutting speed, increase the addition and decrease speed. The axes can be tested separately and simultaneously.

3. Automatic typesetting optimization function

There at the end of the cutting machine, consider the processing cost and volume of the particularity of piece of work, generally not highly educated people to dry, which requires cutting machine operation is simple, and easy to understand, not too complicated, otherwise there will be a great affordable machines couldn't afford the embarrassing situation. It is best to have the function of avoiding defect, because the domestic backplate glass sometimes has defective products. The graph library of the special type cut should be more and more flexible, should make the graph of the CAD to be able to participate in the layout.

4. Maintenance is convenient

I / 0 and mechanical sensors on the signal not equipped with too much, unnecessary switch and lamp less as far as possible, because once on or a mechanical device is out of order will affect the cutting machine, the use of component failure probability is low, less wiring is also less, easy to find fault and replace parts, best can debug on the screen all the I / 0 signal state. Maintenance costs are an important factor that must be considered when purchasing a machine.

5. Energy saving

In the same way that the cutting size requirements can be completed, the cutting opportunities of energy consumption can bring many benefits to the enterprise. One is to protect the environment and save energy. The second is to save the company's daily expenses.

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