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Cutting Machine Present Situation And Cause Analysis

1. Cutting focus on the workpiece

This way we also become negative focal length, because the cutting point is not located on the surface of the cutting material or in the inside of the cutting material, but positioned above the cutting material. Cutting Machine This method mainly uses the material with high cutting thickness. Cutting Machine This way the focus is positioned in the cutting material above, mainly because the thick plate needs to cut the large, otherwise the nozzle transport oxygen is very easy to lead to the lack of the cutting temperature. However, one drawback of this approach is that the cutting surface is rather rough and less practical for cutting with high precision.

2. Cutting focus in the workpiece

This approach also becomes a positive focal length. When you need to cut the workpiece for stainless steel or aluminum steel plate often with cutting point in the workpiece inside the mode. However, one drawback of this approach is that because of the focus of the principle of cutting the surface, Cutting Machine the cutting amplitude is relatively larger than the cutting point on the workpiece surface, at the same time this mode requires a large cutting airflow, temperature to foot, cutting perforation time slightly longer. Cutting Machine So when you choose the material for the workpiece is mainly stainless steel or aluminum lamp hardness of large material when selected.

3. Cutting focus on the workpiece surface

This approach also becomes 0 focal length, Cutting Machine generally common in the SPC, SPH, SS41 and other workpiece cutting use, when using the focus of the cutting machine on the workpiece surface, this mode of workpiece surface smoothness is not the same, generally close to the focus of the cutting surface is relatively smooth, and far away from the cutting focus of the lower surface appears rough. Cutting Machine This mode shall be based on the process requirements of the upper surface and the lower surface of the actual application.

The present situation and reason analysis of cutting

(1) Cutting machine raw cutting parameters can not meet the requirements of product cutting, cutting out of the cutting, rough section and the surface of the serious oxidation.

(2) The programming typesetting is unreasonable, Cutting Machine the cutting appears the long material to rise, affects the cutting precision.

(3) The pressure of the cutting gas is unstable and the gas is impure, which affects the cutting quality.

(4) Gas purity instability, cutting parameters of the interaction between, it is difficult to grasp the accuracy of parameter adjustment during cutting.

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