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Cutting Machine Rapid Development

Waterjet cutting machine with environmental pollution-free, Cutting Machine high precision cutting, no heat deformation, etc., but many advantages of high-pressure waterjet cutting machine is inseparable from the combination of high-pressure water jet accessories.

The role of the dynamic height follower is to automatically sense the distance between the water jet nozzle and the material, according to the need to automatically set a reasonable cutting position, set to complete, keep the water knife and cut the distance between the material stable, Cutting Machine The vibration of the machine during the cutting process causes the waterjet to hit the surface of the material. The dynamic height follower and the combination of the collision sensor can be used to effectively detect the obstacles in the cutting process and automatically stop the cutting machine to prevent damage.

As the name suggests, Cutting Machine is used for high-pressure waterjet cutting machine work on the water quality of the filter, the system can effectively filter out the water particles, Cutting Machine waterjet cutting to provide high-quality more pure hydrodynamic. Mixing impurities will not only affect the cutting effect, reduce the cutting accuracy, but also may lead to high-pressure water jet accessories and cutting machine damage. Such as precision nozzles, if mixed with impurities, these materials will wear the nozzle wall, Cutting Machine the long run, will reduce the nozzle life.

Water knife for the cutting machine cutting smaller, thin objects when the role is very significant, it can effectively assist the fixed position of the water jet nozzle to prevent the nozzle jitter and reduce the cutting accuracy. The smaller and more precise cut is not conducive to fixation, Cutting Machine it is easy to slip when cutting, water knife can be a very good to live it. In addition, the water knife can eliminate the water jet work generated when the water splash or water absorption phenomenon, Cutting Machine its corrugated slot design can quickly remove the water and broken small objects out.

With the development of modern mechanical processing industry, the quality of cutting, precision requirements continue to improve, to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, with high intelligent automatic cutting function requirements are also improved. In the rapid development of the industrial tide, Cutting Machine the traditional cutting machine has shown weakness, a new batch of intelligent and efficient cutting machine in response to the birth of the birth of society, plasma cutting machine is a new batch of cutting machine in the very high degree of popularity.

Laser cutting machine in the electrical industry is mainly used for the appearance of sheet metal parts and complete sets of electrical components in the installation of thin steel plate parts for cutting. Now, many electrical plant after the use of this new technology, Cutting Machine improve product quality to reduce production costs, reduce labor intensity, improve the traditional sheet metal processing technology, received a better production efficiency.

1. The use of traditional punch processing requires a lot of mold. Electrical parts of the product openings and more shapes, different shapes, single and non-standard products in particular. Mold cost is high, Cutting Machine the production cycle is long, is not conducive to single and non-standard production.

2. Using hand-held curved saws to open the hole, not only the quality of the incision is poor, the dimensional accuracy is not easy to control, and labor intensity, noise,Cutting Machine low production efficiency,

3. In recent years, some enterprises from abroad to introduce "multi-station CNC punch", although this instead of the punch punch, but the price is expensive, Cutting Machine and the noise, cut the surface of the mark, the punch has to rely on foreign imports. Each multi-digit punch presses at least sixteen punch, each with a punch price of $ 3,000, and the punch needs to be changed frequently and less economical.

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