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Cutting Machine The Development Of The Increase

Fiber laser cutting equipment in the metal plate cutting applications, compared with the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine, the change is outside the optical path,Cutting Machine cutting head, auxiliary gas. The laser can be transmitted directly to the cutting head through the optical fiber, the optical path is stable and reliable to ensure the consistency of the whole frame cutting, and the machine does not need outside the optical path to protect the gas, will not be equipped with air compressor and other processing system; laser to the cutting head after collimation , Focusing can usually be configured focal length 125mm or 200mm focusing mirror, focusing lens and nozzle should be equipped with protective lenses to prevent the focus mirror from contamination; Cutting Machine fiber laser has a good focusing performance, short focus, narrow cutting width (Up to 0.1mm), higher speed, suitable for rapid cutting of the thin plate.

CNC machine tools commonly used in several linear shaft drive ball screw, rack and pinion, linear motor. Ball screw is usually used in the low-speed small trip CNC machine tools; gear rack is widely used to achieve high speed, large travel; linear motor used in high speed, Cutting Machine high acceleration, a special structure of CNC machine tools. In addition, the rack and pinion is divided into two kinds of straight and helical teeth. Helical teeth relative to the straight teeth, meshing area larger, gear and rack drive will be more stable.

Gantry-type structure of the laser cutting machine has two forms of movement, one is to move the gantry moving but the table fixed, the second is the gantry fixed and the table to move. For large format, high speed and high performance laser cutting machine, usually using the first form, Cutting Machine because the table with the workpiece movement is not suitable for high-speed and thick plate cutting. The bilateral drive ensures that the beam is balanced and the beam runs synchronously. And some manufacturers of laser cutting machine using gantry unilateral drive, servo motor installed in the gantry beam one end, Cutting Machine and then through a long axis will drive to the other end, to achieve double gear rack drive, single servo motor drive. Unilateral drive makes the beams at both ends of the force asymmetry, affecting the synchronization accuracy, reduce the dynamic performance of the machine.

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