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Cutting Machine The Surface Is Very Close

Note that the temperature of the cooling water of the metal laser cutting machine does not differ greatly from the temperature of the air. The laser and optical lenses of the metal laser cutting machine are used in the water cooling mode. Since the water in the air will condense into water, when the cooling water temperature Below 5-7 degrees room temperature, the metal laser cutting machine and the optical lens surface will be exposed to condensation, to a large extent affected the metal laser cutting machine out of light efficiency and optical lens through the laser energy and optical accessories Life is greatly affected. Cutting Machine Recommended the majority of metal laser cutting machine users set the water temperature of 30-32 degrees, control the cooling water temperature and room temperature difference is greater than 7 degrees.

The temperature rise in summer, metal laser cutting machine cooling system working pressure increases, it is recommended before the arrival of high temperature to check the internal pressure of the maintenance of the cooling machine, different manufacturers of metal laser cutting machine pressure is not the same, Cutting Machine it is recommended before consultation Equipment manufacturers specific parameters.

In summer, due to the high temperature, the cooling water will accelerate the rate of deterioration, it is recommended that metal laser cutting machine users use regular distilled water or pure water, or work water, and regularly clean up the scale, so as not to cause the laser and pipe attached to the scale of the impact of laser power. Different types of metal laser cutting machine to clean up the scale is not the same, Cutting Machine please operate under the guidance of equipment manufacturers.

As the metal laser cutting machine dust is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to regularly clean the metal laser cutting machine electrical cabinet dust and check the working conditions of the cooling fan.

1. Programming unreasonable may cause sample cutting discontinuities. In the process of cutting the cutting head from the workpiece surface is very close to the cutting of multiple parts of the steel plate when the laser program default to select the first crossed to cut to avoid the cutting head collision cut off the metal sheet to the cutting head and machine caused unnecessary The damage. Cutting Machine If the closed area is not closed during the preparation of the laser program, the local steel plate is connected to the unit as a whole and the hand cut off is easily damaged.

2. During the laser cutting process, Cutting Machine the ventilation of the auxiliary gas can also lead to the discontinuity of the cutting process. The auxiliary gas is mainly blown out of the molten metal during the processing. When the auxiliary gas is used, the equipment automatically stops the movement.Cutting Machine After the gas replacement is completed And then continue to cut, so that the trajectory of cutting and parking trajectory has a slight difference, resulting in the cutting track is not continuous.

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