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Foam Flame Lamination Machine In Australia



Automotive industry ( car interiors, car seats)


Furniture industry ( office chairs, sofas, babies items, stuffings)


Footwear industry


Garment industry


Household cleaning products -PU-fibre scourers


Heat insulation - sound absorption, etc.

Working process:


1.Flame lamination is a continuous process that adheres fabric one side of the fire retardant foam in a single pass.

2.The process involves the passing of the foam over a flame produced by the burner, which creates a thin layer of molten polymer (pls see the sketch)

3.Then, the fabric is quickly pressed against the foam while it is still in the molten state

4.Fan air exhaust device will exhaust the odor produced in the process

5.The water cooling system well enhances the lamination effect

6.The strength of the bonding depends on the fabric and the foam selected and the processing conditions

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