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How To Adjust Pressure Control Valve In Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine?

How to adjust pressure control vavle in hydraulic die cutting machine.

A pressure control vavle can automatically cuts off the flow of a liquid at a certain pressure.This pressure control vavle protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits.

Kuntai die cutting machine is using hydraulic system ,so there have pressure control vavle in hydraulic cutting machine,take for beam press for example ,If we have designed definite cutting force .The operator donot need to adjust pressure control vavle which we have adjusted and tested before delivery to the customers.

But sometimes ,if the operator want to cut more die or material .They want to add more cutting force ,Please ask Kuntai to confirm if it have designed more definite cutting force.If desiged for more cutting force,there could be adjust pressure control vavle to add the cutting force.

It is very simple to adjust pressure control ,first you need to find where is adjust pressure control .You will find it inside of oil tank and connect manifold block.Then you could use hex wrench rotate clockwise to increase pressure.

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