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How To Choose The Cutting Machine

How to choose the cutting machine

Selection method
One, according to their transmission mode, structure and use

1, according to the transmission form:
A, mechanical transmission: cutting machine is a relatively old type machine.
B, hydraulic cutting machine: it is a modern common cutting machine, according to the age can be subdivided into the first generation to the plane of the guide rail type hydraulic cutting machine, the second generation of ordinary four post hydraulic cutting machine, the third generation of precise four column hydraulic cutting machine and mobile gantry hydraulic cutting machine.
C, automatic roll cutting machine: using sandwich method for machining the whole piece of leather or textile etc..
D, computer control, water jet cutting machine: is the modern advanced cutting machine, there is no need to use knife mold, according to the input program for cutting. Cutting source for high pressure water beam generator.
E, computer controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: similar control form and water jet cutting machine, punching source for ultrasonic generator.

2 in accordance with the structure of the way:
A rocker arm type cutting machine: die cutting parts can swing the rocker, suitable for in leather, natural materials and artificial leather and other non-metal materials of punching.
B and mobile gantry cutting machine, punching parts can be moved along the beams around the punching head, knife mold can be fixed in the punching head can also be placed on the object to be processed. Large, computer control of gantry cutting machine punch mounted rotating knife mold, the corresponding cutting tool can be chosen according to the layout program; of course, the corresponding need to be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism.

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