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How To Operate The Cutting Machine

1 open air pump switch, connected to gas source, pull operation table left manual pressure switch, pressure roller will rise.
2. Compound good finished carpet material put in the cloth pressing roller is the following, press the operation sets left manual pressure switch, cloth and pressure drop, and to suppress the blanket material. Pay attention to the operation of the hand should be placed outside of the cloth, so as not to hurt the fingers.
3. The operating stage motor / manual switch for manual position, switch on the power, console on the left side of the inverter knob is adjusted, the numerical control for about 18---20HZ, operation table on the right side of the inverter knob is adjusted, adjust the its value is about 2.45---2.55HZ. The conveyor belt light rack is adjusted to the corresponding electric blanket dimensions.
4 open the console under the door, there is a three-phase, single-phase switch, switch, cutting machine running.
5. To ensure the blanket material take and the cloth pressing roll, cut knife slot in parallel, observe the running track of the blanket material, in the flower operating point to rag left slot cutting blade, quickly switch manual pull to the motor position, rag cutter began to run automatically.
6 the operator should pay attention to observe the cutting of the blanket size, the material of the cutting position.

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