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Laminating Machine Compact Structure

Solvent-free composite equipment is mainly composed of solvent-free composite machine (host) and mixing machine two parts, solvent-free composite machine mainly completed unwinding, Laminating Machine tension control, coating, laminating and rewinding operations, mixing machine is to the host quantitative transport adhesive special device

(1) Because of the low initial viscosity of solvent-free composite, the demand for the tension control of the substrate is higher, so the shorter the path of the material in the process of solvent-free compounding is better. The use of one-station model is shorter, the tension control accuracy is easy to guarantee, low scrap rate and other advantages.

(2) because the solvent-free adhesive has a certain opening time, Laminating Machine and do not need dry composite high-temperature drying system (downtime is easy to cause the drying of substrate overheating and deformation), the use of a single station solvent-free composite machine can be in the shutdown state to achieve the operation of the volume.

(3) Single-station solvent-free composite machine is relatively simple to manufacture, and the cost is lower. Moreover, the single station solvent-free composite machine has compact structure and small footprint, Laminating Machine which can be operated by one person under normal circumstances. At the moment when the cost of labor continues to rise, a single station solvent-free composite machine does have a small appeal.

(1) High efficiency. Usually, the stable working speed of the solvent-free compound machine is 300~600m/min, which is about $number times higher than that of the dry-type composite machine. However, due to the need for downtime to replace the material volume, the effective working time is greatly discounted, Laminating Machine the actual utilization rate of equipment is reduced. The dual-station solvent-free composite machine can greatly reduce the replacement of the volume of the lifting speed and downtime, greatly improve the production efficiency, the general output can be more than 70%.

(2) Obviously reduce the operation intensity. Single-station solvent-free compound machine need to change the volume and core tube frequently, a roll or rewinding unit on average every 15-30 minutes to replace, each shift downtime to replace the number of volumes up to dozens of times, Laminating Machine this very consumes the operator's physical strength, but also will accompany a certain degree of tension, This will inevitably affect the progress of the solvent-free composite production and product quality. The advantages of two-position solvent-free compound machine to continuously replace the volume of the machine can be well avoided.

(3) Improve the stability of production. Double-station solvent-free compound machine greatly reduces the downtime, equipment tension control status, viscosity consistency of adhesives and other aspects have been improved, greatly improving the production stability.

However, the dual-station solvent-free composite machine also has some potential drawbacks, because of the long feed, the requirements of equipment tension control is higher, Laminating Machine the scrap rate will correspondingly increase, the initial viscosity of the solvent-free composite products may have more adverse effects. In addition, the dual-station solvent-free composite machine cost is significantly higher than the single station solvent-free composite machine.

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