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Laminating Machine Easy To Operate

The composite machine occupies an important use in our industrial production field, and our equipment is becoming more and more efficient in the process of rapid development of our productivity. Mesh laminating machine for sponge, cloth, EVA, leather and non-woven fabrics such as plastic composite. Laminating Machine This composite machine with high temperature mesh with pressure, improve the fit smoothness, improve product adhesion, while less land. The machine adopts synchronous control of frequency conversion to realize the synchronous work of composite main cylinder and composite winding, and it is more convenient to use. The advantages of this composite machine is the use of high temperature mesh with pressure, improve the product fit flatness and adhesion, Laminating Machine easy to operate.

Composite machine is simple to be two or more than two kinds of materials combined with a composite equipment, widely used. And the complex machine can be divided into different types according to the use of different types, the following we will briefly introduce the characteristics of the flame-type composite machine and use.

 Flame type laminating machine is mainly used for sponge and other types of textile products combined effect. Its main feature is the use of flame-retardant sponge and used as bonding raw materials, in this process will not use glue. After the flame of the spray to melt and adhesion, Laminating Machine in the plush, deer skin adhesion has a very good application. And the most important thing is to have environmental protection, feel good and washable and so on.

High-speed dry compound machine HWY-1350M is the main equipment of the packaging and printing industry, is the material of two different or more layers are not exclusive or cloth and cloth, cloth and paper, cloth, leather and all kinds of plastic, rubber sheet The rolls are heated to melt them, semi-molten state or have a special binder compound as one of the machines. Trying to find faster, Laminating Machine better working conditions in high temperature desorption assembly. The program uses a four-party electrical v350 inverter to control the motor speed. The printing presses the composite tape back through the guide roller into the printing unit, Laminating Machine through the back of the printing process through a series of processors, and the traction roller is applied from the printing unit to the next process.

The composition of the wet high-speed dry composite machine has the following components: unwinding department, painting department, Laminating Machine composite materials industry dry place, winding path. It can also be seen that the temperature drop of the water in the refrigerator is synchronized with the temperature drop of the refrigerant in the evaporator. This rich contour clear evaporator design is very reasonable and can effectively put the latent heat of the refrigerant into Cold water. If the substrate is a greater expansion rate, Laminating Machine the deformation of the deformation under the tension easier, so should be different for the material of the substrate to adjust the rectifier output, change the speed difference, so as to obtain the appropriate tension value. If the system is given a shift, run the speed subroutine, Laminating Machine the system eventually reaches the speed of the inexhaustible new system. And the desorption temperature at 60 ° C is about 90 ° C, and the assembled cop increases with the rise of the maximum desorption temperature.

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