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Cutting Machine is Easy To Operate

1. Power Switch: get it on and the machine can start running.

2. Counter: In the Interface two. After each cutting, the counter will add one.

3. Power Indicator: After connecting the power, the power indicator light will be on.

4. Cutting Depth Adjustment(Picture 2): When setting the cutting mould, clockwise turn to the end the fine tuning head under the slider. When trial cutting, anticlockwise turn the fine tuning head and the travel head cutting depth will be increased. Make such adjustment slowly until the materials are just cut.

5. Rising height: In the Interface four. It is to control the rising height of the upper pressing board and avoid idle travel distance. The bigger the value, the higher the upper pressing board will rise, vise versa. The value can not be ZERO, otherwise the upper pressing board will not rise back and the cutting will stop.

6. Oil Pump Start(Picture 3): used to start the oil pump.

7. Oil Pump Stop(Picture 3): used to stop the oil pump.

8. Cutting Mould Setting(Picture 3): used to conduct cutting moulds setting.

9. Working Mode(Picture 3): There are Semi Auto, Manual and Automatic working modes.

10. Emergency Stop Button(Picture 3): in case of emergency, press the button quickly, and all the systems will stop working. There is one on the travel head and one on the electric control panel.

11. Travel Head Upper Limit Switch(Picture 2): When the travel head rises to this position, it will stop.

12. Cutting Point Switch(Picture 2): When the travel head is down to this position, it will rise back.

13. Differential Switch: When the travel head travels down and the cutting mould comes near to the material, the switch works and will increase pressure. According to the thickness of the material, adjust pressure adding switch mounting plate and the position to increase pressure.

14. Moving Clamp Front Limit Switch: When the moving clamp moves forward to this position, it will stop.

15. Moving Clamp Back Limit Switch: When the moving clamp retreats to this position, it will stop.

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