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Laminating Machine Environmental Requirements

The working load of the compound machine is large, so it should be maintained regularly, and should be changed to a good working environment for the compound machine. First, make sure the compound machine is working in a clean environment, so as to keep the compound away from dust.

At the same time, should guarantee the compound machine work environment relatively dry not wet, at the same time don't placed on composite panel on board too heavy objects, avoid environment or foreign body the effects on the copier. Also, be careful not to place hard objects on the perimeter or fuselage of the compound, especially metals such as paper clips or pins. These metals once fell into to the composite machines, light will cut compound machine internal components, heavy will make these metals come into contact with the circuit board, led to the copier internal electronic elements short circuit, which damage the compound machine.

In addition, in use process, whether in the plug power supply, cables, or exclude card failure, etc., must be after the cut off the composite mechanical and electrical source, to operate again, charged operation will cause current impact, it is easy to breakdown the circuit boards of compound machine.

When doing regular maintenance, avoid by all means do not use chemical solvents, also don't use more hard wet cloth, to clean the compound machine internal dust, cabinet, stains, more do not use a similar tissue paper products, such as to clean the copier, baoding patent agent Baoding patent agent for filing an application for a patent for the baoding baoding patent agency in order to avoid the confetti residues in compound machine.

In addition to the step-by-step process of working with the compound machine step by step, you need to use and set up correctly. Correctly placed copy of paper can not only guarantee the normal printing, but also effectively eliminate the copier paper.

When use, the user should be in accordance with the instructions will be copy paper to put into the carton, ensure the machine is in use process is not short of paper, at the same time will copy paper is placed into the carton, pay attention to the position of smoothness, and make sure the paper don't put too full, another guide into the cartons should be transferred to the paper with the same width.

In addition, when using the compound machine, do not close the compound directly, but should be in about 40 minutes or so, make sure that the compound electromechanical source is switched off when there is no photocopying task. This can achieve the purpose of saving power and ensure that the compound machine does not start frequently.

The process production and mechanical properties of the compound machine

The compound machine plays an important role in our industrial production area. In the process of the rapid development of our productivity, our equipment USES higher and higher performance. The mesh belt composite machine can be used for sponge, cloth, EVA, human leather and non-woven fabric. This kind of compound machine USES the high temperature net belt to press, raise the adhesion level, improve the product's adhesion, and occupy the small space at the same time. The machine adopts variable frequency synchronization control to realize the simultaneous work of compound main drying drum and composite rewinding, which is more convenient. The advantage of this kind of compound machine is to use the high temperature net belt to press, improve the product's bonding and the adhesion, the operation is convenient.

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