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Laminating Machine Flow Performance

The compound part is composed of a rubber roller. The dried binder loses its flow performance, Laminating Machine but it still has creeping properties. Laminating Machine The Creep performance increases with the increase of the temperature, and increases with the increase of external force, so in the composite system to provide a certain temperature and pressure, not only to further activate the binder, but also to make the adhesive further leveling, further eliminate the adhesive in thin film defects. Therefore, the temperature and pressure of the composite rolls are as high as possible without affecting the quality.

Effect of composite part structure on the quality of composite products

In the two-roll structure, Laminating Machine the composite pressure is the two ends of the rubber roller, and then to the composite steel roll. The pressure is very large, will result in cots deformation, forming cots at both ends of the complex pressure, the middle small. In the three-roll structure, the composite pressure is passed back pressure roller (steel roller) to the cots, and then to the composite roller. Because the deformation of the back pressure roller is very small, can be considered to be 0, Laminating Machine then the back pressure of the roller is also uniform, cots to the composite roller pressure is even. Therefore, the three-roll structure is more reasonable than the two-roll structure.

B, hard rubber roller and composite roller presentation line contact, soft cots and composite roll surface contact, soft cots than hard cots contact line width, resulting in the unit area of composite pressure reduction, affecting the adhesive two times leveling. In addition, Laminating Machine soft cots due to the creep of rubber, resulting in the deformation of composite film. Especially in the composite Al foil, may lead to product scrap.

C, compound angle and the quality of the production of composite membrane

The so-called compound angle is the angle between the first substrate and the second base material when it enters the compound roller beta. The angle beta should not be too large, because the angle is too large, the first substrate and the second substrate two high-speed motion of the film with a large number of electrostatic, attached to a very thick air layer, the air layer before entering the compound roller was squeezed out very few, easy to pass through the compression point, into the composite membrane, Laminating Machine in the composite film to form small bubbles or affect the transparency of the composite film; In addition, when the composite angle beta is too large, the first substrate or the second base material increases the angle of the composite roller or the composite roll, The time at which the first substrate or the second substrate stays on the composite roller or composite roll is also lengthened, at this time the composite roller or composite pressure roller temperature is very high, the first substrate and the second substrate has a certain tension, at this time, the first substrate or the second substrate will inevitably be elongated more, Laminating Machine resulting in the size of the composite film changes.

D. Surface finish of composite rolls

Because the compound roll should be the mould of compound film, its surface finish, flatness and cleanliness have a great direct effect on the composite film. If a foreign body appears on the compound roll, the mark of foreign matter will periodically appear on the composite membrane.

E, composite roller heating mode:

The following are the heating modes of several composite rollers:

(1), simple structure, heating fast, temperature is uneven, temperature is not stable, after running cooling fast.

(2), the structure is slightly complex, warming slowly, the temperature is more evenly, the temperature is unstable (downtime) easy to leak oil.

(3), complex structure, heating slowly, temperature uniformity, constant temperature, no oil leakage. It is now widely used to heat the circulating oil.

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