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Laminating Machine Good Sticky

Complex machines and all-in-one belong to the MFP category, in the past many people think that speed is their most intuitive differences, but this is not the difference between the two prices so much the most important factor. Laminating Machine To find out the biggest difference between the complex and one machine, we must first understand their development history. Composite machine is the digital copying machine, Laminating Machine and one machine is the printer, scanner integration. Therefore, the leader of the complex machine is Fuji Xerox, Ricoh set, set the corresponding business operations can be completed automatically. If the workflow is properly used, the efficiency of this transaction through the complex will be several times the efficiency of the machine.

1. Main drive structure: the main drive using AC variable frequency vector control, coating roller and hot drum synchronization using swing arm control tight loose. Features: Make sure the drying film is tight

2. Discharge structure: one, two, the group of materials used by the photoelectric correction of double discharge device, unwinding by the manual tension control, composite film discharge using photoelectric correction manual tension control

3. Adhesive mechanism: Anilox roller through the scraper for the amount of plastic, thick plastic blade can be adjusted, the roller with double cylinder boost, the pressure can be adjusted, Laminating Machine and equipped with a shutdown coating can automatically rise

4. Bunker body: Bake temperature four energy control temperature control, internal circulation device, care roller and hot drum synchronous operation.

5. Composite hot drum and pressure roller structure: composite hot drum heating through hot oil heating, so that the hot drum heating uniform power, pressure roller pressure with double cylinder, the pressure can be adjusted. Features: Power saving

6. Receiving structure: the use of intermittent feeding device, winding torque motor receipt

7. Oven bow type, into the wind by centrifugal fan feed. Equipped with suction exhaust system.

According to the different machine design, coating the way the glue with a roller coating and scraper coating. And the glue coating surface is also in the fabric above, Laminating Machine below or the film above the different, different glue on the way the glue in the substrate and the film formation of the situation is different, of course, there are differences between the effect of the other In addition, The presence of the lines on the coated wheels, and the pattern of the lines, will also affect the ease of glue and the form of glue coating (full coating, dot coating). Special lines of the coating wheel with the corresponding glue, Laminating Machine or even complex machine out of high-performance products, such as breathable, ultra-soft feel and so on.

 The presence or absence of the oven or the dry way (hot air circulation or infrared assist), also with the selected models and roller or blade coating and have a different design. Laminating Machine The rate of volatilization of the glue solvent is closely related to the drying conditions of the machine, so how to adjust to the appropriate temperature required for the material is of paramount importance for making it good for sticking.

Paste the finished product before the curl, Baoding invention patent Baoding utility model patent Baoding design patent cooling wheel cooling, Laminating Machine can promote the crystallization of glue, to enhance the initial strength, to avoid the material in the coiling when the volume shift.

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