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Laminating Machine Peristaltic Performance

The composite part is composed of compound roller rubber pressure roller.Laminating Machine The dry adhesive has lost its flow properties, but it still has peristaltic properties. The creep performance increases with increasing temperature and increases with increasing external force, Laminating Machine thus providing a certain temperature and pressure in the composite system, not only to further activate the adhesive, but also to further smooth the adhesive, to further eliminate the stick The fine defects of the mixture on the film. Laminating Machine Therefore, the temperature and pressure of the compound roll are as high as possible without affecting the quality.

In a two-roll structure, the composite pressure is applied to both ends of the rubber roller and then to the composite steel roll. The pressure is very large, will cause the deformation of the roller, the formation of composite pressure at both ends of the roller, the middle small. Laminating Machine In a three-roll structure, the composite pressure is passed through the back pressure roller (steel roll) to the roller and then to the composite roll. Due to the back pressure roller deformation is very small, can be considered to be 0, Laminating Machine then the back pressure to the roller roller force is uniform, the roller pressure to the composite roll is uniform. So the three-roll structure is more reasonable than the two-roll structure

The composite angle is the angle between the first substrate and the second substrate when it enters the compound roll. The angle ß should not be too large, because the angle is too large, Laminating Machine the first substrate and the second substrate two high-speed moving film with a lot of static electricity, attached a very thick air layer, the air layer into the composite roll Before the extrusion is very small, Laminating Machine easy to pass through the pressure point, into the composite membrane, in the composite film to form small bubbles or affect the transparency of the composite membrane; In addition, the composite angle ß is too large, Laminating Machine the first substrate or the second The time required for the first substrate or the second substrate to stay on the composite roll or the composite press roll is also increased, and the composite roll or the composite press roll of the composite roll or the composite press roll The first substrate and the second substrate are elongated more, Laminating Machine resulting in a change in the size of the composite film.

As the composite roll should be a composite film production mold, its surface finish, flatness, cleanliness of the composite film has a very large direct impact. If there is a foreign matter on the compound roll, the markings of the foreign matter will periodically appear on the composite film.

(1), simple structure, fast heating, Laminating Machine uneven temperature, temperature instability, running faster after cooling.

(2), the structure is slightly complicated, Laminating Machine the temperature is slow, the temperature is relatively uniform, the temperature is unstable (when stopping) is easy to leak.

(3), the structure is complex, slow temperature, temperature uniformity, constant temperature, no oil. It is now widely used to heat this cycle oil.

Film stretching is too large, stereotypes are not enough, Laminating Machine cooling shrinkage easily lead to composite film wrinkling. Properly reducing the running tension of the substrate can reduce wrinkling.

If the guide rollers mounted on the dry laminating machine have a parallelism error, some plastic film substrates tend to create wrinkles on the guide rollers. Laminating Machine Production packaging safety, you can adjust the position of the adjustment roller to adjust the substrate flatness. Of course, we can also in the appropriate part of the composite before adding some flattening roller or bending roller to stretch the film.

In the production process, should pay special attention to adjust the composite pressure between the two composite rolls, composite pressure uneven, Laminating Machine such as the pressure is too high Chinese printing enterprises strong, the most likely to cause composite film wrinkling.

In addition, cleaning the compound roller, replace the damaged rubber pressure roller, but also to avoid the composite product wrinkling. At the time of design, Laminating Machine if a preheating roller is added before the composite, the surface of the second unwinding substrate is preheated and printed on demand,Laminating Machine so that the temperature of the second unwinding substrate and the coated substrate is substantially the same To prevent the composite film after cooling crimp deformation.

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