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Laminating Machine Relatively Simple

(1) Because of the low initial viscosity of the solvent-free composite, the tension control of the substrate is higher, so the process of the solvent-free compound is as short as possible. And the use of single-station model with a shorter material, tension control accuracy is easier to guarantee, Laminating Machine lower scrap and other advantages.

(2) because the solvent-free adhesive has a certain opening time, and does not require dry composite high-temperature drying system (downtime easily lead to drying the substrate overheating deformation), the use of single-station solvent-free composite machine can be Stop operation to achieve the replacement of the volume.

(3) single-station solvent-free composite machine is relatively simple to manufacture, the cost is low. Moreover, single-station solvent-free compound machine compact structure, small footprint, under normal circumstances can achieve one person operation. In the labor costs continue to rise in the moment, Laminating Machine single-station solvent-free complex machine does have a small attraction.

(1) high efficiency. Typically, the solvent-free composite machine has a stable working speed of 300 to 600 m / min, about 2 to 3 times higher than the dry laminating machine. Laminating Machine But because of the need to shut down the replacement of the volume, so effective working hours greatly reduced, the actual utilization of equipment reduced. While the duplex station solvent-free compound machine can greatly reduce the replacement of the volume when the speed and downtime, greatly improving the production efficiency, the general output can be higher than 70%.

(2) significantly reduce the operating strength. Single-position solvent-free laminating machine requires frequent replacement of the roll and core tube. A unwinding or rewinding unit is replaced every 15 to 30 minutes on average. Each shift is up to several times. Laminating Machine Personnel physical strength, but also accompanied by a certain degree of tension, which is bound to affect the progress of solvent-free composite production and product quality. Dual-position solvent-free composite machine without stopping the advantages of the exchange can be a good way to avoid this.

(3) to improve production stability. Dual-position solvent-free compound machine greatly reduces the downtime, equipment tension control conditions, viscosity consistency of adhesives, Laminating Machine etc. have been improved, greatly improving the production stability.

There are also some potential drawbacks to the duplex solventless laminating machine because of the longer material requirements, higher requirements for equipment tension control, Laminating Machine and a corresponding increase in reject rates, which may occur for solvent-free composite products with low initial viscosity More adversely affected. In addition, the cost of duplex solvent-free composite machine is also significantly higher than the single-station solvent-free composite machine.

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