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Laminating Machine The Industry Standard

A composite machine is a piece of material with two or more layers glued together. Such as film and aluminum foil, film, paper and so on are often used. It can also be combined with film, sponge and cloth. Common soft packaging materials are basically composite products.


General said the compound machine refers to home textile, clothing, furniture, car interiors and other related industries, a composite equipment, mainly used for all kinds of fabrics, leather, film, paper, sponge layer or multilayer laminating process. Concrete is divided into a rubber compound and rubber compound, rubber compound is divided into water rubber oil, PU adhesive, hot melt adhesive, etc., without glue between composite process for direct hot-pressing glue or use the flame composite. At present, the national standard of composite machine has been implemented.


1. Apply the adhesion to the materials such as flow film, breathable membrane and non-woven fabric. Applicable to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packing bags and other industry products.

2. The application is used in non-woven materials such as adhesive composite (bonding) and cutting processing. It is suitable for the processing of household air purifier, automobile air purifier, air conditioner, refrigerator etc.

Characteristics of the equipment

1. The two layers of materials can be glued together to make the composite fastness better. It can also be used to glue the three-layer thin material at once to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

2. Double rubber groove mesh belt is combined and pressed with high temperature net, so that the composite material can be fully exposed to the drying cylinder, so as to improve the drying effect, so as to make the material soft, washable and good.

3. The machine network is equipped with automatic infrared adjusting device, which can effectively prevent the network from running deviation and prolong the service life of the net belt.

4. The heating system of the machine is divided into two groups. The user can select the heating mode (one or two groups) according to the requirements, which can effectively save energy and reduce the production cost.

5. According to the need to select the dc motor or the frequency converter linkage, so that the machine has better control.

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