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Laminating Machine The Use Of More And More High Performance

The compound machine is divided into plastic composite and non-adhesive compound, there are plastic compound is divided into water glue, PU oil glue, hot melt adhesive, non-plastic composite process for direct bonding between materials or flame burning complex. At present, the complex national standard has been implemented. The composite machine occupies an important use in our field of industrial production, and our equipment is becoming more and more productive as our productivity continues to evolve rapidly.

Common complex machine has 5, flame complex machine, mesh belt complex machine, spray glue compound machine, double glue compound machine, plastic point transfer complex machine for each of the applicable environment there are some different. The accurate processing and manufacture of different materials, enrich the diversification of mechanical processing.

High-speed dry laminating machine is the main equipment of the packaging and printing industry, is the material of two different or more layers are not exclusive or cloth and cloth, cloth and paper, cloth, leather and all kinds of plastic, rubber sheet roll is heated Melting them, semi-molten state or having a special binder compound as one of the machines. Trying to find faster, better working conditions in high temperature desorption assembly. The program uses a four-party electrical v350 inverter to control the motor speed.

The composition of the wet high-speed dry compound machine has the following components: unwinding department, coating department, composite materials industry dry place, winding path. It can also be seen that the temperature drop of the water inside the refrigerator is synchronized with the temperature drop of the refrigerant in the evaporator. This rich contour clear evaporator design is very reasonable and can effectively put the latent heat of the refrigerant into Cold water.

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