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Maintenance Of The Lamination Machine

Most automatic Lamination machines are equipped with a clean waste device. And most of the waste through the needle to complete the waste, but also the use of wood clean version to complete. Wooden clean version of the use of convenient, and the effect of waste than the clean waste needle, to improve the speed is a great help.
Clean the waste to pay attention to the following points:
① in the need to clear the waste as far as possible not to open even point.
② to ensure that the appropriate size of the waste hole, if the waste hole is too large, in the clean waste after the entire die-cut products will be dispersed: clean waste hole is too small, there will be clear off the phenomenon. In general, the waste hole is greater than the waste 1.5 ~ 2.0mm more appropriate.
③ in the clean version of the plate can also add some loose sponge, clean the time to suppress the paper, to avoid the die after the paper spread out. Lamination Machine with a waste disposal device in general, the paper is not a problem. The Lamination Machine part of the paper is not prone to pick up the paper, and it is possible to reduce the speed of the paper. Approach to solve, but will affect the die cutting efficiency.
Maintenance of the Lamination Machine
Lamination Machine maintenance is essential for any packaging printer. The maintenance of the Lamination Machine has played a positive role in ensuring die-cutting accuracy and extending the service life of the equipment, which has attracted wide attention.
The specific experience is as follows: Set out detailed items for each maintenance item and post it next to the machine in accordance with the machine maintenance instructions. You can refuel the equipment according to the oil level chart to be refueled. The cleaning of the nozzle, to ensure smooth paper: regular regulation of the regulation, the main chain, tooth row clean oil, check the dental sheet is damaged; check the main chain of elasticity, to ensure equipment accuracy; Balancing knives, such as unbalanced knife long-term die-cutting will make the equipment before and after the pressure is different: machine repair inspectors on the operator's regular maintenance content to check. implement.

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