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PUR Laminating Machine


1. This Fabric Lamination Machine is used for gluing fabric, film and other materials, such as:

    Fabric, Nonwoven...

    Film (Membrane) such as PU, TPU, PTFE, PE, BOPP, OPP, PET, PVC...

    Luggage materials, such as EVA, PVC...

    Diving Material, such as SBR, CR...

2. Glue is transferred evenly to material surface via engraved roller.  

3.Special film unwinding device and film lining reclaimer are installed on the upper plate, facilitating operation as well as saving space.

4.  Advanced edge alignment and scothing devices, this machine increases the degree of automation, saves labor costs, relieves labor intensity, and enhances production efficiency. 

5. With PU glue or solvent based glue, the laminated products have good adhesive property and touch well. They are washable and dry-cleanable. Due to the glue is in the point form when laminating, the laminated products are breathable.

6. Running speed is controlled through frequency synchronization, synchronic speed adjusting, very easy and convenient to operate

7. Efficient cooling device enhances the lamination effect.

8.Automatic Edge Trimming device will be installed. If required, automatic edge waste removing device can be added. 


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