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Shoe Machinery Production To Innovation Will Have Opportunities

In more than 20 years, significant changes in the global leather industry, shoe machine center and export base from developed to emerging economies, particularly in Asia Viet Nam, and Indonesia, and Thailand and China and other countries and regions, for footwear and footwear machinery industries is a business opportunity, but it is also a big challenge.

Due to global business shoes industry faced with cost rose, and labor resources shortage, and environment and social responsibility, aspects brings of challenge, let domestic business shoes mechanical enterprise of pressure variable of more big up, with industry of transfer upgrade, customer on business shoes mechanical of requirements became more up, for currently market,, single of business shoes mechanical fundamental cannot meet shoes class products production manufacturers of need.

In many cases, footwear manufacturers but also the shoe machinery, pollution, and many other aspects, these new requirements for many shoe manufacturers, both opportunities and challenges and problems.

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