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Usage Range Of Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is an indispensable equipment in light industry. Traditional concept, cutting machine is using to force exercise machine pressure on knife mold, punching machine and processing of nonmetal materials. Modern cutting machine has undergone some changes to the high pressure water beam, ultrasound and other advanced technology for leather punching technology, but people will still be summarized these devices in the cutting machine equipment.
Use range
Cutting machine for use: suitable for foam, cardboard, textile, plastic materials, leather, rubber, packaging materials, flooring, carpet, glass fiber, cork and non metal materials by punching cutting knife mold with machine stamping pressure of the material.
Cutting equipment of high degree of automation: controlled by computer moving head cutting machine, laser cutting machine (oscillating tool), high-pressure water jet cutting machine, computer cutting machine. In addition, Italy and the UK USM company production is a projection cutting machine and oscillating type tool and visual observation device is arranged on the equipment and for contour scanning on the leather, or in the leather projection to guide cutting industry and trade arrangements material sample in the leather sleeve row.

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