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What Is The Classification Of The Composite Machine


Double adhesive type
Application: the machine is suitable for the surface of fabric, such as fabric, non-woven fabric, sponge, etc..
Features: the use of double plasma groove, two layers of fabric at the same time, improve the bonding fastness.

Point transfer type
Application: the machine is suitable for the textile, textile, breathable film, etc..
Features: the use of glue dot transfer and spray methods will be the glue evenly transferred to the cloth, or a film, and then with the face fabric composite.

Flame type
Application: suitable for the composite of sponge and other textile and non - Textile products.
Features: used in flame retardant sponge as adhesive material, without the need for glue. After injection of flame to melt adhesive, especially for adherent to the plush, suede, with environmental protection, feel is good, water washing and other characteristics.

Mesh belt type
Uses: the machine is suitable for the compound of sponge, cloth, EVA, leather and fabric. The high temperature resistant net belt is used to improve the adhesive force, and to improve the adhesion force of the product. The machine adopts frequency conversion synchronous control, and realizes the synchronous operation of the compound main drying cylinder with the compound.

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