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abrasive paper cutting machine

  • Sofa Fabric Foil Transfer Bronzing Machine

    Contact NowSofa Fabric Foil Transfer Bronzing MachineSofa Fabric Foil Transfer Bronzing Machine Application & Features The bronzing machine is suitable for bronzing, printing of fabric, plastic-skin, PU, PVC, cotton-hemp, silk, knitting etc. or colour changing of fabric, leather, PU,...

  • Popular Shoes Hydraulic Beam Cutting Machine

    Contact NowPopular Shoes Hydraulic Beam Cutting MachinePopular shoes hydraulic beam cutting machine Product Description 1. This type of cutting machine provides workers with simple, prompt and precise operation. 2. The machine body adopts double oil cylinder, double-crank connecting rod...

  • Factory Sale Leather Fabric Bronzing Machine

    Contact NowFactory Sale Leather Fabric Bronzing MachineFactory Sale Leather Fabric Bronzing Machine Application: Designed for the bronzing of plastic-skin,PU,PVC, cotton-hemp, silk, knitting, furrow-fabric, etc. or color changing of leather, PU, etc. 1) to add color pattern onto fabric and...

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