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double side heating and sealing machine

  • Cnc Travel Head Cutting Machine,cutting Press,clicker press

    Contact NowCnc Travel Head Cutting Machine,cutting Press,clicker pressCNC travel head cutting machine Range of Application This CNC travel head Cutting Machine is mainly suitable for die cutting single or multiple layers of nonmetal rolled materials by die cutter.

  • Garment Fabric Lamination Machine

    Contact NowGarment Fabric Lamination MachineGarment Fabric lamination machine Features 1. Materials are firmly bonded , low breakdown rate and long service time. 2.Applicable to PU-based or Oil based glue. 3.Improve the quality of the products greatly, they are soft, comfortable,...

  • Laminating Machine In Egypt

    Contact NowLaminating Machine In EgyptLaminating Machine in Egypt Egypt is home to the only fully vertically integrated textiles industry in the Middle East, with the entire production process from the cultivation of cotton to the production of yarns, fabrics and ready-made...

  • Shoemaking Material Laminating Machine

    Contact NowShoemaking Material Laminating MachineShoemaking material laminating machine Usage: It is mainly used for gluing and laminating sponge, cloth, EVA, synthetic leather and nonwoven fabric material, foam with fabric, fabric with fabric, and other similar produts. Usage in...

  • Home Textile Bonding Laminating Machine,bonding

    Contact NowHome Textile Bonding Laminating Machine,bondingSpecifications * Home Textile/ Sofa Fabric/Knitted Fabric/Nonwoven fabric/Film/Leather Laminating Machine * Oil Glue / water based glue * Low glue consumption * CE Certified

  • China PUR Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine

    Contact NowChina PUR Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating MachinePUR Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine Since 1985 , we have been designing and manufacturing various lamination machines for every sector of textile industry. Our lamination machines have been well accepted by the wide domestic market...

  • Pieces Material Hot Melt Laminating Machine

    Contact NowPieces Material Hot Melt Laminating MachineApplication: 1. EVA + PVC, PU or Artificial Leather 2. EVA + Fabric (for shoe materials, etc) 3. Neoprene + Fabric (for diving suit, etc) 4. PU Foam + Fabric (for bra, vehicle cushion, etc) 5. TPU Film + Fabric. (for climbing clothing,...

  • Hydraulic Plane Die Cutting Machine

    Contact NowHydraulic Plane Die Cutting MachineFeatures: Equipped with strong hydraulic driven power, It can be used to cut pile of paper sheets in different weights. It features high efficiency and reliable performance for long time use. Parameters: Working Size: 1000x800mm Die...

  • Vehicle Interior Bonding Laminating Machine ,car Trim Lamination Machine

    Contact NowVehicle Interior Bonding Laminating Machine ,car Trim Lamination MachineSpecifications * Interior/Velvet/Woven Fabric/Nonwoven fabric/Film/Leather/Foam Laminating Machine * Oil Glue / water based glue/flame laminating * Low glue consumption * CE Certified

  • Home Furniture Bronzing Machine For Sofa

    Contact NowHome Furniture Bronzing Machine For SofaHome furniture bronzing machine for sofa Functions of home furniture bronzing machine for sofa: 1. “ Only Fabric Glue Bronzing ” 2. “ Film + Fabric Glue Bronzing ” 3. “ Fabric + Film Glue Bronzing ” Advantage: 1, the use of a new...

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